Summer Olympics

I’ve got my DVR programmed to record everything so I can fast-forward through all those commercials, but my main interest is in the swimming events (even though Ian Thorpe retired, lol). Anyone else watching? What are your favorite sports and events?

Basketball is always a blast to watch at the olympics. The US/China game is gonna be rox0r


My favorite part is always the opening ceremony. :wink:

Seriously, wasn’t that cool? I never expected China to put out such a huge, well-done spectacle… my favorite part was the people-walking-upside-down on the World Globe! :biggrin:

As for sports, gymnastics always dazzle me the most. I still remember watching Mary Lou Retton’s triumph- it was a thrill!

I watch Javelin throwing every time, hoping for a Finnish opera singer to take home the Gold.

I also enjoy watching the swimming and diving events.

They have the games going all day, too. I was up last night at like 2 am (PST, -8) and women’s single’s badmitton, male’s equestrian, and women’s soccer were on back to back to back. Granted it was like 6 pm there, but still odd.

I missed the opening ceremony, sadly.

I was working a “The Bravery” concert when it was going on (they’re quite bad live, by the way). But I hope to be able to watch the full thing on youtube at some point because I keep hearing how cool it was.

I just woke up after watching Greece’s defeat to Spain in basketball (stupid 5 minutes of doom) and going to bed again. I want to watch basketball men, the various gymnastics, pool sports and whatever strikes the fancy.

No fan of Phelps, eh Vicki?

I like the sports part in the OG, though the whole humanistic approach has flied out of the window long since (if it ever was there). Olympic armistice, lol.

Actually I’m a huge fan of Michael Phelps. I just have a crush on Ian Thorpe. :slight_smile: Michael Phelps is amazing - literally, I think he is the best swimmer ever. It’s like someone went in a lab and genetically engineered a swimmer. If you guys get a chance, watch the video that the Japanese network NHK filmed of him swimming before the US Olympic trials. It’s an excellent showcase of how his body and technique are so perfect. Here’s a link -

Another point I’d like to mention - I much prefer watching men’s gymnastics over women’s. I just don’t get the women’s as much as I do the men’s.



Not that many events to follow due to the low amount of “interesting” events with Finns in them. Sailing? Air gun? psh. Athletics, please.

Don’t “psh” air gun! I actually almost qualified for the olympic team for .177 sporter air rifle. Well, actually not almost, but I was ranked in the top 100 for the US.

But the commentators on those sports sound as excited as a sloth during dry season, making it rather uninspired and dull to follow :< Okay, we secured seventh place in the women’s air rifle event which isn’t bad on a global scale, right?

That, or I’ve ingrained Track & Field way too much into my brains as a source of olympic inspiration.

Of course, whatever power in this world made curling into an olympic event sure has a funny sense of humor. It sure got me and a whole lot more people following the event in the winter olympics.

I think it’s great Finland has a competitive sailing team. They must be traveling a lot :wink:

It’s always interesting watching people who know what they do. (And rather amazing that my swimming and his are described by the same term XD)

Good job.

Mabat’s just mad that Pesäpallo’s still not an Olympic sport.

I’m mad polar bear wrestling isn’t an olympic sport :< You do realize they’re removing baseball from the 2012 event list?

And I guess I kinda blew something positive towards shooting with my negativeness:

First gold from women’s trap shooting, and bronze from men’s 10 meter air rifle shooting :o

Baseball has already been removed. I assume you mean softball.

Why were they removing softball, anyway? And, why did they remove baseball - does it have to do with it being in the thick of the season?

That men’s 4x100m freestyle relay was WILD - I was practically jumping on my sofa during the last leg!

In other somewhat Olympic-related news, anyone catch this article? Craziness!

I just got finished watching men’s gymastics, and I have to say it was amazing. All the drama! Apparently the three best American gymnasts had injuries, but the U.S. still managed to get a Bronze medal, despite screwing up majorly on the sawhorse event. And it all came down to an alternate gymnast who had to put in the routine of his life to secure the Bronze.

Also, its scary how freakishly muscular most male gymnasts are o_O These guys have perfect body builds.

I don’t know why they got rid of baseball and softball. I would say it’s because the sports are rather restricted in their regional appeal (softball more so), but that wouldn’t explain why ping pong is still a medal game.