Summer Goals accomplished?

At the beginning of summer, there was a thread that was made, and i was wondering if anyone got any of those accomplished. My goals were to finish my cross pounisher, which i got really far on, but didnt finish it in time, i kinda ran outta supplies. I also put to lose weight, i actually lost 10 lbs, but i wanted to at least lose 20, but hey, 10 is good for me. I cant remeber my other one, but oh well. Ya, i know its kinda odd to post when summer is done, but hey:

the end of summer = results of goals made at the beginnig of summer.

So did you guys, or gals, accomplish any of your goals, if so, feel free to tell.

Hmm my goal was to finish the DW7 shrine, and needless to say I didn’t get that done so i didn’t accomplish my goal.

Someone told me one of my goals was to get laid a lot, and I did that. I don’t remember what the rest of my goals were.

the thread is over <a href=“”>here</a>, by the way.

I don’t think i posted there, but i did everything except get a job. Which I’m working on at the moment.

I didn’t have a goal. I just aimlessly wander through life being an ass.

I passed my summer classes, and did slightly better than I expected to do. Cheers to THAT!

Note to self, consider not taking courses next summer.


  1. Knock a number of things off my reading list - Tacitus, Ovid, Lucretius, The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, and a couple books by a skeptic. For starters.
    (Nope…read plenty of books, but they were different ones)

  2. Put on a little more weight. I’m 5’7 and 135lb, which is 10lb more than last year. I’m going running and playing frisbee, so it’s all in the legs right now.
    (Nope…didn’t gain an ounce of weight. However, I have several times more stamina than I did in May)

  3. Finish the SoM shrine.

Become a MCP (M$ Certified Professional) - pretty close to it now.
Get a Java certification as well.
Get a date. It’s been kinda like a year and a half since my last one.

It seems like the third goal is in conflict with the first two ones. Oh well…

Ain’t that odd? I know that muscle weighs more per capita than body fat, but I’ve been working out all summer and I’ve been losing weight…and I was 6’2" 173 lb <i>before</i>! At this very moment I weigh 168.4 in the buff, and I weigh even that much because I ate a footlong Chicken Parmesean sandwich from Subway earlier today, along with something around a pint of coffee, and I haven’t… ahem …metabolized them fully yet.

Furthermore, I’ve actually got a bigger waistline (one armed pushups really blast your abs, even, and especially in my case, the obliques).

I didn’t brush up my Japanese this summer, or study any more Gaelic (what I know is strictly <i>an duine flooch</i> stuff.) I didn’t read much of the stuff I should have, though I finished a bunch of books by Marc “Animal” MacYoung, on streetfighting, awareness, etiquette and conflict deescalation.

I did achieve my sleep quota, though (like that was in doubt). I painted my room and moved in some new peices of furniture; the desk my computer is now situated at and a giganimous new dresser (it stands about 4’x"), and a CD Hutch that I’m trying to find a place for (It’ll hold my soon-to-be-complete DAP MST3K collection, yay! ^^).

I also did not land on the moon and return safely to the Earth, or finish Morrowind. Both had about an equal chance of success.

Note that I don’t think I posted any of that. They were my goals anyway, for good or for ill.

I did mostly everything I randomly said I’d do in this other thread.

Got a part-time job (quit it last week, woohoo), relaxed, hung out with varied people (although not that much, but I didn’t really notice since I did other stuff instead), went on vacation to exotic places, etc. And as an awesome bonus, I even helped my parents renovating and redecorating their bathroom and basement.

I didn’t achieve anything on my list, but I did:

  1. Quit my job after accusing my manager of intentionally misinforming employees about what length breaks they were entitled to take, after serving only two months as the supervisor of a photo lab. That was fun (the accusation, not the job).

  2. Learn how to put a roof together. Pieces of my grandmother’s house started leaking a couple weeks ago, so that’s what I did last Saturday.

  3. Yardwork. I like yardwork. I find it relaxing.

  4. Put an above-ground pool together.

  5. Read a few works of fiction recommended to me by a philosophy professor who I’ll be having again this semester. I requested a list of books he thought would be good to read, he gave 5 titles, I’ve read one and a half. I am ashamed.

-get a job
-jam with friends
-get a job
-see metal shows
-get a job
-get intoxicated
-hmmmm oh yeah, get a job!

ok, let’s go over this list:

  1. done
  2. done BARELY… fuck I jammed like 3 times this whole summer
  3. done
  4. done, oh yeah I saw lots of shows
  5. done
  6. done
  7. done

and a bonus goal that I didn’t really plan but wanted anyways was that I got a girlfriend.

My goal is to get to 140lb. I’m the same height as you are and started out at 125. I started around May and I’m now around 135. I don’t know if I have any strength stamina but I know my running stamina is up.

Hahaha that’s funny. I’m trying to get down to 135… mind you I’m 5’5, not 5’7.

The last time I told all you people my height/weight you all freaked.

My to do list was to:

  1. Finish my HMM2 shrine
    2.Get a job
    3.Read a new series of books

  2. Nope, but I’m close :slight_smile:

  3. Yep. I was way underpaid, but it was fun. I worked in the mountains at a camp :slight_smile:

  4. Two different ones.

God, I’m like 150 and 5’9" people. I honestly don’t know where the weight comes from either =\

I did not reply to the earlier thread. But I had some much to do this past summer I do not think I actually accomplish what I had plan to do. But for one thing I did gain a little wiegth when I wated to loose some weight. :scream:

No none, but that’s because I’ve been smart enough not to have any and spent the holidays relaxing.

*Practice on both of my instruments with the group
*Get better at instrument
*Get a summer job
*Redecorate my room
*Get more involved (business wise)
*compose songs
*buy more goddamn games
*Get a laptop (my last one got stolen,the bloody bastard)
*go shopping for…whatever
*and just basically hang out with friends
*try to go camping
*broaden my horizens in cooking

*pretty much
*if redecorate meant to fill my room with more musical store shit then yes ^^
*helped open a cargo corp.
*1 game I bought…sucks
*yep,did alot of that
*pretty much
*nope, people are feakin’ wussies
*not really

Even though I dont think I did alot, my vaca was pretty great.

My summer sucked.