Summer Cleaning

Over the past few weeks… months… whatever, there have been numerous cases of everyone getting their genitals in a knot, moreso than usual, as tends to happen around the summer. As is apparently tradition, we purposely neglected all of this so we could lump most people up in one big Katamari and ban their asses, since it’s more efficient and fun that way.

By which I mean that with several cases we were rather tied up in our usual administrative bullshit which causes us to spend 3 weeks debating about wether or not I look good in hotpants. In the end we decided to just get it over with and finish up our ongoing discussions. We’re trying to improve the way we handle these matters so we’re not tied up in limbo for months at a time again, and we’re very sorry that it took us so long to ban some people.

So once again, we’re not digging up old-ass shit just to get people we don’t like out of here, we were still not DONE with that old-ass shit.

In closing, everyone, shut up, chill out and go to the beach. Get a tan, nerd.

EDIT: Oh, I forgot to mention. Everyone that got banned got alerted by PM as well as e-mail. If your board e-mail adress is invalid, that’s not our problem.

This is my graphical reenactment of such a banning: