I saved game before final fight in Suikoden 1. In the start of Suikoden 2 I tried to load this data, but PS “told” me that there are no Suikoden 1 data. What’s the problem ?
Please, help me…

Could it be because of differencies in “sectors” ???
(like Suikoden 1 in PAL anad Suikoden 2 in NTSC …)

Are you using a PS2? And if so does it even recognize the memory card you’re trying to load from?

I had the same problem replaying these games recently, both games should be PAL or NTSC. I don’t know much about PS2 problems, but I suppose it’s possible too.

No. I have PSone.

If Suikoden is PAL, and Suikoden II is NTSC, that may be your problem. Actually, it probably is.