Suikoden V

This. game. sucks.

Now here me out, please, because everywhere else it seems like this game is heaped with praises. It might have been a problem with the disc, but the loading times were atrocious. It would load when a battle was coming up. It would take more than 3 minutes to load a scene.

Even without those load times, it just seemd like a huge step backward to me. Is it just me or did Suikoden III have better graphics? Like, notably better. See, I could have looked past the lack of style if it weren’t for the horrid, horrid pacing of the game.

Suikoden III had an exposition phase but geez. I spent the first four or five hours of the game running around a castle, going through two very, very, drab and mundane looking dungeons, and of course, staring at the Prince running through a grassy knoll endlessly as the game loads. Maybe he’s running away from his own game.

The really sad part? I actually like the story, and the characters are actually interesting. I was really digging the political factions and how each of them were portrayed as having opposite, but reasonable views on how to run the government.

…But the game has some of the worst pacing I have ever experienced. It built itself for five hours or more without a payoff - I wouldn’t invest another second in it.

It gets better very soon and the story starts moving at a much faster pace. I think the load times might be something wrong with the disk,cause they weren’t that long for me. Unfortunately the dungeons are always bad, but the story and characters make up for it. A little after you finish the part in Stormfist, there is a huge part of the plot and the game gets much better.

Suiko V takes FOREVER to start, but it’s pretty damn good when it does. Wait until you get the castle at least.

And yeah, the loading times have got to be a problem with your copy, I had no such issue.

There were long loading times, I guess. I never really care about loading times. They certainly weren’t on the order of three minutes though.

I get one free rental from Blockbuster a month from their internet service so I’ll rent it once more. I knew there was something wrong with the disc so I returned it and finished off God Of War II instead. Now there’s a game that doens’t waste much time to get you interested.

I’ll rent it again. I returned it just after duel at Stormfist. I’ll give it one more chance before I give Tales of the Abyss a spin.