Suikoden V

I picked it up today? Did anyone else? I’m not that far in it yet (holy god the first like 3 hours are boring as hell), but I assume it’ll pick up eventually.

I picked it up today too. The artbook/soundtrack was a nice addition. I agree it starts off really slow. I am about 2ish hours in. From what I have read they knew 4 was a piece of crap and were determined to give 5 a more traditional suikoden feel so that is nice. However, considering they spent what only seems like 2 years on it I am not expecting anything too spectacular.

From what I have played so far it seems they are trying to go back to what made 2 successful which is a really good thing. My only main complaint and the one I read from a lot of others is the camera. Heck the VERY first place you can explore has a gigantic area you can walk through where the building blocks the view of your character. It is something they had to have noticed during QA testing, but apparantly they didn’t think it was a big deal. Hopefully it won’t become too annoying later int he game.

I have to agree about the camera thing, that’s really annoying when you’re trying to find your way around and have to run blindly under/behind stuff.

Also, I didn’t get any bonuses with it. I blame that on the fact I don’t usually get bonuses in Canada. Grrr.

Oh yeah, I don’t know if it’s just me, but the menu feels really slow to navigate. I’m used to just rushing through it and clicking from earlier Suikos, but this one seems a lot less responsive.

I’m picking it up tomorrow. Dammit, they better not have Suik3’s group battles… >_<

From what I’ve read, the battles are like Suikoden II-six characters, operated seperately, each with a S, M. or L ranged attack. I propably won’t get it for a while, even though I’m a huge Suikoden fan. Real world work and college has cut down my gaming time significantly and I still have Suikoden Tactics and Fire Emblem to play.

Ok, now I’m like 14 hours in (yes, in less than a day and a half) and I have a large piece of advice:

PUT M-RANGE CHARACTERS IN THE MIDDLE ROW! Do NOT put them in the front row or the back row, they will NOT be able to hit the enemies. (Seriously even with accuracy boosters they’ll have a 50%+ miss rate.)

(I suppose you make a similar assumption for S-range (put them in the front) people, but I always have them in the front anyway. And L-range seems to hit well from anywhere but they’re generally weak and should go in the back anyway.)