Suikoden V

Let’s hope this end’s up WAY better than IV

By the way is that a man or a woman with the three section staff?

Oh, they’re making one centered in Falena? That’s cool. I wonder if it’ll take place prior to Suikoden II, and explain the backstory of Georg Prime and Killey, as they had involvement with Falena in the past.

Suikoden IV was a bad game, it just wasn’t good either. I’m so looking forward to this and Suikoden Tactics.

Wasn’t Suikoden Tactics canned?

Personally, I liked S4 better than S3… I just hated that tag battle system… -_-

4 was such a major disappointment. So short and most of that was spent going through way too often random battles on a slow ship. The characters never really developed and the overall story was really disjointed. The new game+ thing was a nice addition and I hope they keep that.

3 could have been an incredible game if they spent more time on it by allowing you to change the castle more. I am sure they planned it since that whole ship section of the castle served very little purpose in the actual game. I actually kind of liked the tag battle system because it allowed the character’s personalities to come out a bit in the fight. The strong point was definitely the story and characters though. The tri-story or whatever they called it I really enjoyed because I got to build up 3 different parties.

If the creators don’t say something like “We know 4 was a disaster and we are going back to the roots that made the franchise popular” then I may not even buy 5.

Maybe I’m the only person who thought that 4 was better than 3… >_>

I KNEW IT! I KNEW THEY’D USE FALENA =D Me so happy. They’ve been to every other nation except the Nameless Lands, so I’m pysched about this.

FF12, Rhapsodia and Suikoden 5 will revive my spirits. Ohh yes.

I would say I would have doubt’s about this game but I think it has a chance…

If it has Georg Prime and Killey it would make me very happy. They were interesting characters in S2…with little to no backstory to them. They need to go back to the formula of the first 3 games.

I’m afraid so Sat.

It’d be great if I can load S3 + 4 saves on this game to unlock special bonuses or something. Any news regarding the timeline of this Suikoden game?

No news yet on the timeline. Kinda hoping it is around Suikoden 1 2 3 era.

high fives Eva

high fives Sohee and dances ^^

It HAS to be better than number IV. It’s impossible for it to actually be worse.

Nothing is impossible. However, in this specific example, I would say the probability would be very close to 0.

This will be definatelly cool when it comes out. While I didn’t like 4 as much compare to the rest of the Suikoden games, it was still pretty good. Just not exactly has the charm the first three games had (and yes, I like 3 a lot…why else I am shrining the damn thing :D).

since suikoden 1 and 2, the suikoden series had gone downhill… hope suikoden 5 can revive the series.

Is this going to be the PS2 or PS3? I heard it was PS3, but it looks like it’s PS2 graphics.

Dunno. But here’s some updates-

6 member parties
skill system
Georg prime. Im unsure if Killey and Lorelai are involved, but I would think that they are…it may take place before S1 considering how young georg looks. So let’s hope for an assassination of some sort >>