Suikoden Tactics

" Konami has registered a new trademark in US on April 18, 2005, called Suikoden Tactics, which seems to be a new tactical simulation RPG based on the Suikoden series." - The Magic Box

Fuck. YEAH.

Its like having our cake and eating too!

Shining Force with Suikoden characters… Yay!

That is totally orgasmic!

Yeah, I read about that on RPGFan…however, since I haven’t played the first two, didn’t like the third one, and have heard tons and TONS of bad things about the fourth one…Iiii’m not all that interested yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s vague enough to be cool

Three wasn’t that bad, and four would have been awesome if the story were deeper. I heard 1 and 2 were legendary. I wonder where on the timeline this takes place.

That doesn’t <i>necessarily</i> mean that there will be a game made with that name (Remember Chrono Break?), but it is a good indication of the possibility of that happening.

I know I’m probably going to have a major let down for getting my hopes up, but that was my reaction too.

SG: Go get the first two now! There are so worth whatever you have to pay for them. The third and fourth games are mere shadows of the second’s greatness.

The third sequel would be the fourth game, ya know, and the fourth sequel would be the fifth game. So, since there is no fifth game in the main series, it’s <i>obvious</i> that you’re either including the Suikogaidens and Suikoden Card Stories in your comment, or you’ve travelled back in time after playing Suikoden V.

Assuming the former is true, the third sequel and fourth sequel would be Suikogaiden Vol 2 and Suikoden Card Series respectively, and I would be liable to agree, since the first is just a visual novel, and the second is a card based game…

If the latter is true, you should let me borrow your time machine.

Unless by third sequel and fourth sequel, you actually meant third game and fourth game…Hmm…

Suik3 wasn’t terrible, I just really hated the battle system, and didn’t really feel attached to any of the characters until near the end. Suik4 made me feel more for the characters earlier, but it was way too bland. Suik1 and 2 are probably amongst the best RPGs on PS1.

S3 definately departed from the hero-injustice thing that the first two were based on. I thought that the game started out nicely and seemed to go downhill from there, especially with Budehuc castle. Crappiest homebase in the series. It was so under developed…

Hiryuu, never did I mention the word “sequel” in my last post. When I said “get the first two games”, I meant Suikoden I and II. When I talk about a series I only count the ones released in the U.S.

Oh, I think you did.

I already have about 7 games to play that are worth my time, plus games coming out this year that I care a lot more about, like Stella Deus, Lunar Genesis, and Romancing SaGa. If you wanna get em for me, then really, that’s cool. :stuck_out_tongue:

explodes into a ball of fire blinding Hiryuu

You saw NOTHING, you hear me! NOTHING!

Am excited. I hope it follows the Suikoden story-line and perhaps we have some familiar faces.

Big necropost guys! But there’s no reason to make another thread-

Suikoden Rhapsodia. Takes place directly after Suikoden 4. Note the familiar characters in the screenshots. Comments?

It may just be me, but that last screenshot looks… Cel shaded…

Hmm, I heard of a hoax before…