Suikoden Recruits (no spoilers)

If you’ve played any of the four Suikoden games, you know they’re about gathering 108 characters together to battle evil. Many people join because they want to fight the good fight, or they’re your friend, or something. However, since they can’t really make 108 people that way, there needs to be some other ways for people to join.

  1. People who join for no real reason, or they’re bored, or they need a place to put their stuff. (See: Hugo (Suiko1), Tanya (Suiko4))

“Hello, and welcome to the library. What? You’re fighting evil? Then let me join your army! In return for letting me put my books in your castle, I’ll put my books in your castle!”

  1. People who join since you win a coin toss, which requires them to put their life on the line for you. (See: Anyone who makes you play a game)

“Holy fuck! You rolled higher on 3d6 than I did! Feel free to use my life for whatever you wish to do with it!”

  1. People who only join because your enemies have the WORST TIMING EVER.

Party: Would you like to join us?
Possible Recruit: I don’t want to get involved in a war.
Party: But we could use your help!
PR: I’m sorry, but I will not come. Please let me be. begins to leave
Party: Well, I guess that’s that then, we should be on our way…
PR’s Assistant: Sir [Possible Recruit]! The [Enemy Army] is here! And they’re raping your wife!
PR: What?! I’ll kill them all! [Hero], I will give you my full cooperation in battle!
Party: Dear Diary: Jackpot

I’ve never played a Suikoden game, but I loved this anyway.

Then there’s Viki, Flint. She just sorta sneezes and joins.

People who join since you didn’t finish them off in battle. This happend mainly in the first one.

People who you have to bail out of a bill and join you right after that (Wan Fu in three, and the fat copy of the hero in 2)

People who show up at your house and start giving orders (Max from 1 and 2, and Jefferson in 3)

You forgot to mention a castle. There’s always some abandoned place for you to house thousands of people.

That was beautiful Sohee.

There are so many biased people in this thread. Suikoden nerds!

<img src=“”> Well technically this doesn’t happen in Suikoden IV since you don’t even get a castle…you get a big boat.

Of course Suikoden always has to have five theme characters who look alike and must be recruited using the previously recruited members of that group (blacksmith in 1, squirrels in 2, dogs in 3, and mermaids in 4).

Let us not forget, the great Pessy and Yubah. heart flutters their story will end in the last Suikoden…

I FUCKING HATE THE DOGS! >< >< >< >< >_<

The kids who look too young to hold a sword, but don’t mind walking into the dark, dangerous cavern with you.

I’ve only played Suikoden 3, but it went like this.

“Please sir, could you (plot quest involving father or some sort of inane/predictable side quest) for us?”
“Thank you sir! We shall now join your party and stay in your castle even though we seem no older than 10 or 12 years old and or pretty much useless in battle!”

Oh, and you’ve got love the concept of Landis joining you:

(Party runs through forest-Battle starts soon after)
Player: Who the heck is that? Cool scythe!
(Battle ends, character stays in party)
Player: Uh…am I never supposed to ask how that happened? Are you ever going to acknowledge his existence?
Hero: Yes.

Ah well.

Yeah, that’s the problem with the Suikoden series. Since every game absolutely has to have 108 characters, they end up repeating themselves pretty quickly.

Tales of Eternia was better. At least the characters had a decent plot. Hell even Chrono Cross’ legion of extra characters had real reasons for joining you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Tales of Eternia only had like six characters.

And chrono cross had a mexican pro wrestler/doctor that joined you for no real reason

Exactly. And they were all great. Would you rather have 6 well-developed characters or 108 faceless clones?

Suikoden does have a problem with character development because so many people are involved. However, there are a few with decent stories. Flik, Victor, Hix, Tengaar, Futch, and Bright come to mind.

Suikoden IV was a complete disaster in this respect though in my opinion. Everything just seems to be rushed together. Hell, the game is even shorter timewise.

That wasn’t my point. My point is that you can’t really compare the character development of a game with a few characters to one that has a ton. They’re in different leagues.

Yes I can. I just did. >:(

The thing about Suikoden is that they had a set of main characters that actualy had development, the rest you basicaly picked up in bars and such and have small backstories.

Personaly I think that is pretty cool having an army made up of people you picked up in bars