Suikoden on PSN

I recently noticed that Suikoden is available for $6 on PSN. While I’m happy there is finally another PS1 rpg on PSN (the only other one is Wild Arms which has a remake on the PS2), I’m not sure if Suikoden is any good. I read some reviews for Suikoden which make it sound good, but many of those reviews were years old. So I’m wondering who is going to pick it up and what people think of the classic.

I played it years after it first came out, and it was one of the best RPGs I ever played. If I still owned a PS3, I would buy it without a second thought. Go for it. you wont be disappointed.

Now, if only they would release Suikoden II…

Putting Suikoden II on the PSN would probably be a bigger draw for me to the PS3 than just about anything else right now. That’s kind of sad.

Hell, a copy of Suikoden II off of eBay isn’t that much less expensive than a PS3 is…

I play PS1 games on my PSP , so I already have suikoden and suikoden 2, which in a portable form is all kinds of awesome.

$6 is half a movie ticket, right? Suikoden is fun and lasts longer than a movie. Get it.