Suikoden 4

Snowe is a whiny baby :frowning:

I’m only a couple hours into this, but I’m not going to experience the Jowy-loves-Riou adventure again with these two, am I? :frowning:

i love that game!!! it rocks, the bad part is you dont know what to do so it takes u a while to move on because you have to go talk to a certain person. i’m like a bit over half way done with the game. i hope u enjoy it.

i know he is so stupid to(snowe), i love the hero he is cool except for the short shorts, i hate that. “My arm, i cant move my arm, im going to go run away and soil myself like a little baby, because i cant feel my arm” lol he is such a baby.

Hey, go easy on Snowe, his arm wouldn’t move!

Pssh. Sure, his “arm wouldn’t move.” Yeah, well, I bet my boot wouldn’t move up his ass.

I’m fairly deep into the game now, but I kinda unintentionally set it aside for a little while when I got sick of sailing around (funny, I could say the same thing about Wind Waker…).

Yet he had no problem rowing away using both arms, ah well, he outranks everyone so who is to judge?

You really don’t see much of Snowe until you recruit him as a SoD. When you do, he hates your guts.

When you beat him in ship battles make sure you only exhile him do he’ll be alive to recruit.

I wont read that spoiler tag as much as I’m tempted to!

and yes, when Sohee mentioned the sailing aspect quite awhile ago in some other thread, i had NO idea it would be like THAT…it was so slow, at first I thought I wasn’t even moving and I got frustrated because none of my controls seemed to be working

The rune of punishment rocks. i mean that thing like blows up everthing u aim that thing at. i wish it didnt kill the person who hold it though, or i would want it.

It doesn’t… if you gather the 108 SoD… ~_~

Really,hmmmmm, whoops, didnt know that. Sorry

It rocks in story scenes, in battle it sucks. The first spell helps a lot early on, and the level 4 spell can come in handy, but the level 2 spell is meh and the level 3 spell is the worst spell in Suikoden history. That said, as far as battle goes, the Cyclone Rune is very similar to the RoP, except without the whole hurting yourself thing.

really where do u get the cyclone rune? or can u even get it

There are two Cyclone Runes in the game. One from a Treasure Map, and another from… Maxine, I think. That weird pale chick in the red you fight sometimes.

How do u use those treasure maps?

Recruit Rene on Donut Island (first you have to find her letter on Nay Beach), and then talk to her in the Library of your ship. (It’s called Empty Room until you recruit Tanya though; it’s near the back of the fourth floor.)

thank you, you have helped in a area that i have not mastered yet( that sounds gay) what im trying to say is, thank you very much.

what was that link? it didn’t work. and if you were trying to prove that the Rune of Punishment kills its owner, then what’s with the ending after you get 108 SoD?

Fenril, you should probably mark the spoilers on that.

whoops i didnt know the link wouldnt work i sorry. but i found all the people necessary to hunt treasure, thanks for the help again, now i have to find out which island and treasure map it is. Ill eventually find out