Suikoden 3 manga

I was pretty bored with our normal manga series, so I decided to turn to game-based mangas instead. My first was Suikoden 3 and this is certainly one of the best I’ve ever seen. The artwork was wonderful and it has a realistically excellent plot. Not to mention that my favourite characters were here as well ^^ So, what do you think of it? (pics included below)

Cool~ Suikoden 3 manga~

How come [STRIKE]sex-goddess[/STRIKE] Chris didn’t get on one of the covers?! Her hot mature woman in armor look deserves front page damnit!

Cuz Sasarai was sooo much cooler.

She did appear in cover #2,and i saw part of the manga,and have to ay it looks good.

I saw the first one at Suncoast and at Waldenbooks. I had it in my hands several times.