Suikoden 2

Is it as good as the first one, and what was the point of loading data from the first one? So far the only improvement is better graphics, everything else sucks. Are there a lot of adult conversations in this game? Or was it just that one time. But that was hot, I fapped to it. And the mist monster. And Jowy before I found out he was a guy.

There are so many things wrong with you.

I’m going to ignore everything you said after the first sentence, in an attempt to keep some optimism for the human species alive. Suikoden 2 is generally considered even better than the first, and I second that belief. And by transferring data, you can recruit a character from the first game at a later point.

Really, Setz? Really?

Suikoden II is the best of the series, and one of the greatest RPGs of all time. Someday I’ll pony up the 200 dollars to buy a fresh brand new copy of it.

Seeing as this thread is retarded, I propose a subtle derrailing towards a more profound and meaningful topic. Namely, a question that has been plaguing me for years:

Why does Richmond have a yorkshire terrier in his shirt? Seriously, that’s just random. At least Oboro had some justification for why he had mice in his pants.

This is a humanitarian act.

Suikoden 2 rules, although I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much when I was younger either - probably because it wasn’t as melodramatic as the popular RPGs of the time, and I always thought that was the key to ‘good storylines’ when I was little. If you aren’t finding the narrative to be that good, try it again in a few years.