Suikoden - 1st Time

Soon I’ll be playing Suikoden for first time. Some hints from you - Professional Players?? I mean with battles, mini-quests (for junky item or else) and others ^^

It’s a pretty cliche RPG in terms of gamplay. Especially nowadays. It’s all about story. Gamewise, it’s nothing you havent played before. There’s no sidequests at all, either.

Try to get all the characters, though.

So You say, that there’s no stuff that can prolong gaming ?? :slight_smile: But Battle Arenas or NewGame+, are they there ??

Other than getting all 108 characters, no.

Well, trying to get all the characters can prolong the game, and there are a few hidden things. Also, if you have a Suikoden save when you go to play Suikoden II, you can get Tir back. Beyond that, no. The story is so amazingly great, though, that it makes up for everything.

So please tell me now, is the story intricationed :slight_smile: Are there any sites with plot analysis?

PS. A few hidden things ?? :>

There is if you go to Sarady right at the start of the game with only Tir, or with Tir and Ted. (The latter gets you a Prosperity Crystal, which is quite handy (double money from battle)).

Edit: The story will make you cry ;_;

Is this supposed to be a sarcastic joke? If you didn’t find any sidequests you didn’t look very… at all. More than 75% of the game was sidequests.

So please tell me now, is the story intricationed :slight_smile: Are there any sites with plot analysis?

No, the story is not <b>intricate.</b>

This might help.

Try this one too

Suikoden is a game for people that like to customize. If you want to have control of who is fighting, how strong they are, etc, then this is the game for you.

Suikoden plot-

SPOILERS ahead. They will only be minor.

I assume that you’re starting with Suikoden 1. You haven’t specified what Suikoden you’re starting out with but it doesn’t matter because all of the games (with an exception of S3) are based on the same theme. A character is on the receiving end of an injustice and thus ventures out on his own and eventually becomes the head of an army that is fighting against the very nation he came from. This is the premise of all 4 Suikoden games- you are fighting in a war. And in war, you need all of the allies that you can get. This ties into the second and more profound plotline, runes. Runes are magic, in the Suikoden world. They get embedded within a character and they can use magic. All of the heroes of the Suikoden world end up becoming involved with a True Rune, which is really powerful magic. How the runes and war tie in, will be left up to you to discover.

Suikoden characters-

In every Suikoden game, you are the hero of an army that is based on the 108 Stars of Destiny. That is, you will have to recruit 107 characters to help you along the way. Obviously, many of them automatically join you along the way, but many of them wont. It will be up to YOU to seek them out, and figure out what certain characters want before the join you, and when the appropriate time will be when they can join you. In Suikoden 1, all of the characters can be used in battle (that means blacksmiths, merchants, singers, whatever). In Suikoden 2, maybe two thirds of your 108 stars can be used in battle, and the other third will only stick around in your castle (more on that soon) and sell you things, offer mini games, etc. In Suikoden 3, this is the same, except the non battle characters can be used to help you anywhere, as long as you have them on your team (only one at a time though), same as Suikoden 4.

Suikoden castle-

In every Suikoden game, you will eventually discover an abandoned place that you will call home, and build your army. This is where you will discuss strategy, change battle strategy, change your party, buy things, play mini games, etc. It is up to you to build your castle’s features- the more you recruit the less crappier it looks, and the more you can do. If you want to buy something in your castle, though, you will have to recruit the appropriate characters, for example.

Suikoden battle-

This takes place as a 6 member party (shortened to 4 in S4). The battles are quick, easy to run away from. Fun fun fun. The REAL fun, however, comes with war battles- you’ll fight maybe over a dozen of these, where the enemy will attack you in military units, and you’ll fight back the same way. This feature is in EVERY Suikoden game. The war battles are too complex for me to explain here, but trust me, you’ll be looking forward to each and every nation battle.

There’s also one on one duels.

I think that you’ll like Suikoden. If I were you, I’d start with S1, as S2 and S3 are sequels and contain reference to the previous games. The Suikoden world has a very intricate history and geography that all tie in together, so it would make sense to play them in order. The general consensus is that S2 is the best game of the series, although you may think differently. S4 takes place 150 (?) years before S1, so maybe you might want to play that first. However, that seems to be the worst game of the series to date, and may give you a false impression of the rest of the series. Hope this helps.

Suikoden 4:

He doesn’t fight his own nation (Razril), he’s just exiled, and then Kooluk takes over Razril after Snowe’s dad sells out to them. The actual Razrillians still support you, aside from the ones who joined Kooluk.

Close enough :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems you forgot the hilarious Thomas chapters. >:(

…Hilarious? It’s been awhile since I played S3 though, so I might have forgotten. Surprisingly, I actually liked the Thomas chapters a great deal. He seemed like just a typical guy, trying to make himself something.

Can ya’ tell me about other quests ?? This which Sohee said, was hard to find in FAQ’s. Something more ??