Suicide threats

What is the best way to deal with someone who is kinda hinting that they are trying or are going to kill themself?

Talk to a psychiatrist or something about this, we’re not the best people to ask. Since I would personally let them try, fail at it then send them to a home.

Its a cry for attention.

Ok…what do i do about it?

Talk to them. Tell them you care, and that you’re worried. Suggest counseling.

To fix the person’s problem, nothing. Its all on their end to face their problems. All you can do is be there for support.

And don’t forget to call 911. It’ll be yet better if the suicidal candidate does not notice you calling for aid (get someone else to call them or to distract the suicidal while you call)

Actually 911 is better for those who are actually attempting suicide. The best thing you could do is be there for them and discreetly tell someone close to them of thier intentions. You really can’t do anything about thier problems. That’s for them to work out.

Try to get the person to seek help, like from a counselor. It is a cry for help/attention, and professionals are somewhat better equipped to help people in need like that (at least I’d hope so, otherwise why get paid for it?). As a friend, this sort of burden should not be yours to bear. Be there as a friend, but know that this is not something that you can or are supposed to fix. The onus is on your friend to handle his issues, hopefully with help and with support from friends.

Tell them not to cut horizontal.



You know, some people really should just die. souls are like milk, after time they spoil and turn bad. but the people continue to live. do you really want them to just live their life like that? let them die.

Erm… tell them not to? I’m not sure, find out why they threaten to kill themselves and try to help.

Being their friend and being their for them is probably the best thing. When I was in combat training we had a guy attempt it one night. Everyoen as just nice to him and was his friend and it seemed to help him a lot. Other than that, I don’t know what else to do.

I’d let them go on and do it…

And don’t forget; Plastic not paper.

I seriously can’t believe some of you guys… and I’m glad I didn’t know you three years ago. -.-

Try to determine if all the want to do is hint and piss and moan about it, or if they’re actually leading up to the attempt itself.

  1. Tell them to get a life, shut up about their trivial problems and get them to see how things could be much worse for them

Or, if it’s the latter, 2) what people suggested above, be there as a friend, recommend them to someone who can listen as a professional, etc.

Never ever come to this place if you have an emotional problem.


Twap them around.
And let them know how boring death is: It’s more exciting to watch paint dry!