Suicide Club

GO! Go now! Watch this movie for it is awesome! It is seriously some fucked up shit, but I loves it. I think that this should be up there with Battle Royal.

Anyone else seen it?

Are you connected?


OH god. I saw the beginning of that in gif form. It’s where the group of japanese chicks jumps infront of the subway train, right?

I’ll check it out…

It sounds… scrumptious >.>

XD! It is. =3

And Steve, yes.


I’m about 3 hours from having it, so I’ll post in here once I see it :3

torrent? send?

I like it, and I would put it up with movie Battle Royale, but a pale comparison to book Battle Royale.

Well duh, books ALWAYS beat movies. It’s a fact. That’s like saying something is as good as chocolate but still pales before SEX. :stuck_out_tongue:


Watch the movie Stay, Crash, or Elephant.

I liked the movie, however I didn’t really like the ending

Yeah, the ending is a bit odd, but I like the movie.

Fuck. I knew something was up with dessert when I noticed them being EVERYFUCKINGWHER

For those of you interested, the majority of the music can be downloaded here:


P.S., this should be completely legal and thus no reason to edit because there is no OST and as far as I know the music is free for downloading.


The manga version is also pretty creppy and fucked up.

I found a torrent of it, and once it finishes I am hoping it is in english. =)


Was an excellent movie… Probably the only one that I’ve actually really found creepy :o.

The music’s very good, too. I like Suicide Kiss a lot. It seemed a bit anticlimatic, but Noriko no shokutaku is possibly a sequel. I’m looking foreward to that, as well o.o.

I liked it a lot, and like others it was the first movie that I found disconcerting in a fair while.

That was the only movie that actually made my stomach react in some way, too. I don’t really know why.