Such awaited sanctuary.

Fate made it so.

I love cams.

That’s correct. But, it really wouldn’t matter to me. A good idea, though.

I should write a book about how to properly do this thread.

Actually, if we reset it to 0 again, he won’t be getting back here so fast as we’ll keep slamming him harder and harder for spamming for ignoring previous violations that got his post count cut in the first place. Then he’ll whine about being targeted and we’ll tell him he’s a moron and that he should read the rules.

Really, that would be a good idea. At the rate I’ve been posting, you’d have plenty of time to finish it before I’d need it. :smiley:

Make it a pamphlet or something, then you’d be in business.

Wow, you really dont post a lot do you :o

It’s not hard. Really, you make one thread about 50 or so posts before 1000 (ie 950) and announce that you’ll be doing it. Then, your 1000th post is the answer post. I don’t think anybody has actually done it the right way in a few years.

when I reach 1000 I am going to do it correctly.So naw!

Well congratulations.

May you never live to see this come to pass.

It’s kinda sad that I’ve been here for 4 years and in that time I’ve never reached 1,000 posts yet you’ve been here for like…4 months and you’ve almost reached it once just to lose it all and then gained 1,000 again in that time.

4 months? What the fuck? I’ve been here for like, 14 months.

The point still stands. 3 years at 900 vs your 1 year 1000 x2.

Yeah, but he’s like, always in the chat, and not here. When I was not banned in the chat, I’d probably do 100 posts a year.

Excuses. You still post a metric fuckton.

Actually, aside from this being my week where I have the computer to myself so I can shrine etc., I’m on the computer for about an hour or two a day. I’m not always in the chat and I rarely post because there’s nothing good to post on. You’re a prime example, the forums are so starved for something to post about they post in your shitty threads and thus boost your post count because all you do is play the alternate post game. You post on topic, someone else posts, you post off topic, someone else posts, you post off topic, someone else posts. And so on and so forth.

Why don’t we just get rid of the post count? Or at least make them visible only to Staffers?

I mean, far as I know the only reason to increase the count is to ‘earn’ the ability to customize Avatars and Titles. Why not give these for free? Many other Forums do.

That’s not the point. It’s a tool, or incentive, to post more. But if you post against the rules, then it’s reset. So, it’s really a tool to behave.

Except most of us don’t care about the post count EITHER way.

We should celebrate things with more meaning, like the ACTUAL anniversaries of membership.

If we have been members for years, that means the site means something to us, and that’s something we should say.

Which reminds me, This April I’ll have been an official member for 3 years. My thanks to RPGC’s maintainers, and to all the people who have been nice to me here.

So you consider yourself to be behaving?

And how is it not the point, if people are spamming to raise their postcounts just to be able to feel special because they now have a WOW! custom title or some other stupid shit like that, then the options are to keep smacking peoples postcounts or do like Wil said and just give out titles. Or the admin could go even farther and just ban postcount whores.

Also, join date doesnt fucking matter. Be recognized without being stupid as shit, or blend in with the time to time crowd. This is a community and should accept new people without being too judgemental because they just fucking came here. Do you automatically hate your new neighbors before they even move in?
(Rhetorical, so if you answer that I hope your brain explodes)

I’m not really arguing against you Wil, even if it looks that way.

So give me Sanctuary from the law
And I’ll be alright
Just give me Sanctuary from the law
And love me tonight…tonight