Such a long time.

I’ve got over a 3 hour break between my last class and my next class. This is so long and boring. I do my readings, but reading that long is boring. It is even worse since I haven’t really been assigned any papers, so I have nothing to really work on. Gargh! It doesn’t help that I can’t even join that chat at school.

During my 3 hour break between Physics and Calculus, I usually do my homework. That way when I get home, I can kick back.

When I used to have breaks, I did as GM said: HW/whatever it was I had assigned or assigned myself to do.

If I have big enough breaks, I go home. :smiley:

Sometimes I run out of homework, then my boredom hits record levels. Especially when I have a double free.

But I don’t have any homework to do. All I have are readings right now, which I’ve been keeping up with (plus I can’t read for 3 hours straight). However, yeah, I’ll be happy when i start getting some papers to right since I’ll have plenty of time. I like that assigning yourself to do stuff though.

Yar, I would go home, but that costs money I don’t have.


Join the club.

Dum de dum, commute from a 25-minute drive away …