Stupid thing about X8 I noticed.

Many of you have probably already noticed it, but according to the back of the box, picking your level and obtaining weapons from enemies is new is new for the series. It is just funny since that is what Mega Man games are all about. Capcom sucks at getting people to do its box work (such as Mega Man 1).

I was scarred horribly by the attrocity that was X7. I’d all but given up on capcom making any more good megaman games and then I found megaman Zero. I love the series, it harkens back to an earlier set of megaman X games with the difficulty and ease of controll.

However, I want to play as X like I used to. I want the damn synth rock music like in the first 3 games. I dont want bad voice acting, phantasystar online esqe trancy crap music, bland level designs, 3-fucking-D characters, or Axl.

This is my “bitch about how a series is failing” post. And Im wondering if, even though its in 3d… Has X8 redeemed itself from the failures that it was making in X7?

Please… tell me good news…

Ok…but what does that have to do with the topic? I mean I know we get off topic and all, but it shouldn’t be within the first reply.

I’m just arguing semantics, but I think they just meant new GAME in the series, but not new features. :stuck_out_tongue:

It did redeem itself. It’s quite challenging, and it plays just like the old MMXs, with some new features.

I doubt it since it says “New in the series” and then lists the features. I guess it could be possible since I did notice some wrong use of words (such as “there” instead of “their”). Either way, Capcom needs a new group.

I don’t think Capcom would be the same without shitty boxes… almost all ‘there’ games have had them as long as I cam remember.