Stupid Sundays

I hate Sundays. They’re always boring, and really lonely, no matter what I’m doing or who I’m hanging out with. I don’t know why. I think there’s some curse that comes with Sunday.

Does anyone else hate Sundays? What about other days of the week? I have trouble with Tuesdays sometimes, if I had class on Monday, cuz I’m really tired.

I agree with you, even if I just bought a really kick ass game or rented one or going out in the case that I don’t have a hangover it does seem lonely on sundays…maybe it has something to do with you wanting to be with someone you love or soulmate or something? I am usually bored out of my mind on Sunday’s…I am not religious due to things i have accidently done in church like knocking over the front row when I went down to pray long-time ago and breaking the bible holder…there was a rather angry old man next to me when i did that…so I am scared of churches!

Theres never anything on tv on sundays ;p. Well nothing on tv usually any day, though csi, er, survivor( <<…>> ), always law and order of course, oh and adult swim monday through thursday. Church was always kinda dull when i went those few times when a kid. You’d always have to go home on sundays after a sleepover as well rar.

Fuck it, this is the first weekend day that I’ve had off in a loooooooong time. I love it. Yay for Sunday.

Yeah, there’s nothing to do, but on the other hand… THERE’S NOTHING TO DO! YAY!

All about perspective, I suppose.

The only thing that makes church boring is… why, boring pastors of course!

Thus, in order to spice things up you need a pastor that keeps things interesting.

As for knocking over a pew, I’ve done worse things… and felt extremely bad about them… Thankfully I was only visiting a church in Pennsylvania and do not believe I will be returning any time soon.

sniff And it was a really pretty church too… has a giant stain glass window with multicolored stars on it.

Won’t be going back there any time soon… unless I grow a beard.

I don’t like Sundays either. it’s like, D-Day before classes start up. it’s like a tradition to sit and sulk on a Sunday and feel sorry for yourself. I usually wait for my boyfriend to come over or something. But he’s so busy lately. And thus Im by myself. And those are times when I wander into the chat. See, you don’t want me in these kinds of moods.

Sundays are what Ragnarok Online was made for.

Sundays just can’t compare to Saturdays in terms of freedom of “What to do?”, since the next day is always a working day no matter what… :confused:

Sundays are like a condemned man’s last meal, unless one’s on vacation. You have a free day, but you can’t do anything fun that will keep you busy for too long, because you have to get ready to start following scheules again.

Originally posted by Pierson
Sundays are what Ragnarok Online was made for.

True dat.

Devillion, what is the name of the game in all your posts? I am refering to the windows with stats and equipment etc.? If you even understand what I am trying to type…since it sounds stupid even to me…where can I buy it or download it? It looks pretty cool…also what system is it for? It looks like its PC but you never know…

<img src=“”> Sunday… bloody Sunday…

Dev’s signature is from <a href=“”>Ragnarok Online</a>, although he’s playing on an illegal server which he isn’t allowed to link to (hrhrhr.)

I like Sundays. It’s the only day I’ve got to catch up on the work I get behind in during the week. It’s also the only day I have off from school or work.

That’s Ragnarok Online (RO). I won’t even start with it, lol.

I don’t have specific days of the week that bug me, but the first Monday of a month is sort of rotten (lots of meetings at work and trying to figure out what’s happening for the month). The last week of the month is absolutely yuck at times because of all the “We have to get this out for this month so we can hit our targets and blah blah blah…” pressure.

Ok, i read the rules and I didn’t mean it as like an illegal rom stuff…some things are freeware…never heard of Ragnorak Online except from you guys and girls…oh yeah, i feel bad for asking the question

I hate Sundays and Mondays. Sundays becuse i know that tomorrow i’ll have to go back to school and Mondays because I’m always tired on Mondays and I have to go back to school.

I love Mondays and Tuesdays. I have one lesson that goes from 8am to 9am, and then the next lesson after that is at 1pm, so I have much time to… prepare. Yes. ;;>.>

Sundays are evil… But I have next week and the Monday after that off, so i don’t caaare right now! :slight_smile: Mwee hee!

Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays are no fun. Sunday because I know I’ve got to go back to school to see people I can’t stand, and Thursday’s because every project assigned during the week is always due friday.

Originally posted by Pierson
Sundays are what Ragnarok Online was made for.

Here, here! raises a glass