Stupid personality!

Okay, so I clicked on one of the links in someones sig to go take one of those obnoxious “which <blah-blah-blah> character are you” personality tests.

Now you might say at this point that I deserved everything I got, and you may be right, but I will rant anyway, because I just did this at 4am, and there was nothing better to do for those forty-seven seceonds that it took for me to get pissed.

Back to the anger part: so as usual with the crappy tests, there are only a dozen questions, and they are all so completely and blatantly obviously referencing a character or an archetype within the FF series. Well, I went ahead and answered as I could to minimize my idiot factor (which was already too high for having started the test), and then I clicked the button that told me who I was:



How can I be compared to Sephiroth? I admit that yes, I am a superior being to the vast majority of humans that I have met, and I admit that my concept of superiority over everyone else is based on my genetics, but beyond that, Sephiroth and I are NOTHING alike.

Argh, I hate those stupid tests so much that I am not even going to give that specific test recognition in this post, or even the person’s sig who I got it from.

Urgh… Sephiroth. I feel unclean.

I only posted mine because Squall is a decent character…I think Sephiroth is way phucking overrated, and I agree that the questions are stupid at times. I took a Pulp Fiction quiz and I was Pumpkin(The bank robber with the British Accent who chain smokes and refers to the waitress as Garcon when ordering coffee)…man was i pissed about that. I actually think FF7 as a whole was overrated. In fact, I’ll probably replace that part of my sig with links to the Salad Fingers episodes. Salad Fingers is cooler and more disturbing and original than a personality quiz anyhow. Though Personality quizzes are for fun only

Edit : My No 1 result for what RPGC staffer are you: Sinistral
No 2 result : zeppelin
I forget the link, but it’s in someone’s sig. I took the quiz 2 days ago
BD 9-08-2004

Of course there is a risk of getting a dumb character, but you don’t have to do this tests…

Ok, not to me rude to the fact that your mad…just put in answers that steer clear of people you don’t like! :slight_smile:

Although it is disturbingly close, I am relieved to say that this is the end of the world. :-p

  1. Sephiroth kicks ass.
  2. You suck for hating him :frowning:

I’ve never played any FF which features sephiroth; but charle drew him in such a fuggin’ hot way the he simply must rock. So don’t diss Sephiroth, bitch.

If he’s so great, how come he’s dead

No he’s not. He’s in the movie ‘Advent Children’

Doesn’t mean he’s not dead…you know, Sephy had many, many clones created by Hojo(who was carrying on the project of the late Dr. Gast)


how about
<font size 42> FUCK YOUUUUU!!!</size>

you fuck with Sephiroth, and you fuck with Classic Charlemagne. and allthough the current charlemagne sucks, I think everyone agrees that I USED to be cool!

Alright Charle, you win this time.

actually you end up winning by shear intensity most of the time

Sephiroth is cool, but only in respect to his ties to the old you, and his stunning image that can be viewed with your every post. I will cede that much, but I will not give him too many props. He is, afterall the only “badass” who is weak enough to get his ass kicked by the worst FF hero ever (unless we count the kid from Mystic Quest or the team from 10-II).

If he’s so cool, how come he writes bad poetry and whines about president Shinra on his live journal?

He only does that because of his cool plan to manipulate all the angsty teens into something cool and like Sephiroth.

I think Sephiroth has the most to whine about since his appearance went from “reasonably awesome” to “Emo goth whiner” in AC.

I would just like to mention that emo and goth are about as comparable as cheese and a wall.

So what?

You don’t know? Let me give you a :hint:

YOU FAILD :booster:

However, I have once seen a wall of cheese. Therefore, the two can intertwine.