Stupid Adults!


Despite getting good grades in the classes you believe matter, the lower grades and the bad attendence make it seem like you’re irresponsible. This is what I always hear from high school students, how they don’t do the work because it’s “too simple” or “too boring” or because it “doesn’t matter”. It’s called being lazy. When it comes down to it, you should have just sucked it up and did what was required of you in all your classes. I have no sympathy for the people who have the ability but lack the effort, and the effort required for high school isn’t exactly astonishing. Sure, this woman may be a hateful racist bitch (you might be a tad biased), but at some point your own personal responsibility comes into question.

I think I’m making it seem like I got worse grades than I actually did. I only got like 5 C’s all three years, and those were in the first two years. And I did all the work when I was there. But that doesn’t really matter at all. The point is that I meet all the prerequisites for all the classes I’m taking, but she’s bringing in pointless information for no apparent reason to try to keep me out of those classes!

What this says to me is that your going to act in the very fashion you are accusing her of being, a STUPID adult. Things like this show very immaturity.

You needed to stay in those classes, I undertand theyre boring but you needed to do so anyway.

What does you not being Mexican have to do with her racist? Is she only pushing through Mexicans? Is she mexican? To me things are now starting to add two and two to four.

If you get your parents to cause enough ruckus it should scare the school into doing what you want.

Don’t key her car, though. That’ll ruin your case cause she’ll know its you.

I knew a kid who in senior year of high school went to his girlfriend’s classes instead of following his own schedule. Then he got his schedule changed later. It was pretty funny seeing that happen in a couple of classes the first day.

i love you, defectivesondvd. sounds like you’re dealing with a pretty heinous bitch. i think you should go a little more old fashioned and slash her tires or cut her brake lines; that does some real damage. to actually fix your situation, though, you should certainly try to talk to the principals, although it depends on how good and helpful they are, i guess. if you do well in AP classes and have decent overall grades and good test scores, i see no reason you’d have too much trouble getting into a good four year school. or you could start a career as an artist/writer/musician.

Yeah, I know I’d want to put a $400 repair bill on my own head. Why shouldn’t he?

You should attend your classes, even if all you do is sit in the corner and read books- that you attend shows that you care enough about your schoolwork to show up is far more important than whether you’re doing good when you’re there or not. They will play the “You could do even better if you showed up once in awhile” card.

I think though that if you are eligible to get into a class you should be able to get into it, and if she refuses then you should go over her head to the principal- a student counselor has no right to force something on their students. They’re counselors, not dictators.

And, if your principal doesn’t listen either, then you can try getting your parents involved. :wink:

Well, I talked to the principal today and ended up getting my counselor in trouble and the classes I wanted, so it’s all good.

Good job. Good luck with the AP classes, too.

Good smartest thing to do was talk to the principle, and because she got into trouble so easy, it says she wasn’t that good of a counceller either.

I dunno man, it might be kind of hard to talk to a basic idea or belief.


ah, revenge

Gotta love fighting the system.


I am the first kid in Denver Public School history to get out of the requirement for Freshmen literature. If you can play your cards right and argue up there with your principles and assistant principles, and show records of why you deserve it (I presented a few essays I’d written on the books read in that year’s curriculum, and a few from higher curriculums, as well as reading records I had kept from my previous school, for instance), you can often get in where you shouldn’t. I’m the only Junior being allowed into AP World History because it is so full. It’s all about marketing and knowing who to deal with.
In your case, I’d argue to deal with the principle and the teacher of the AP class. If a teacher wants you in their class, and the principle thinks you deserve it, I can’t imagine any reason why they wouldn’t just go over this woman’s head and stick you in.

EDIT: Oh, and there is no mistake in cutting classes, from where I see it. You now have hard, fast records on your attendance that you didn’t want to go to this class, when you (I assume) don’t have a history of ditching. Now why would you just ditch this class? Because you know everything, and there is thus no reason to attend. Logic would back up that that argument. Plus, districts will try and avoid truancy and drop outs. If you’re starting to ditch because of this and they say anything, mention that you don’t see why you should even finish high school. Your councellor is trying to put you into community college, why should you try here, she’s already putting you down the path as though you failed. There’s not really any point in going to community college with 2 years of college english credit, so why bother going anymore. You have better things to do with yout time than work your ass off for goals your councelor can thwart and the click of a mouse. Sha-zam, you jsut justified your ditching and villified your councelor in one statement, if you did it right.

Bitch slap her ass…