Stupid Adults!

I think I’m going to go crazy! MY STUPID COUNSELOR IS RUINING MY LIFE! She has complete control over my schedule and won’t let me into any of the classes I want. I’ve been in Honors English for three years and she said I don’t qualify to get into AP English even though I have the grades and everything. Then she manipulated my dad into siding with her and said all this stuff about how I don’t belong at a four year college and I should go to a community college. On top of that, she’s supposed to fill out my counselor recommendation thing for the colleges I’m applying to. AND she lost my pre-registration form and said I lost it and that it was her word against mine. a;lksdjfksdajdf

Any suggestions on what to do? :[

Tell your counsler to fuck herself in the ass with a piece of rusty barbed wire, and sign up for the classes you want.

Take it to a higher power? Talk to the principal with your grades and behavioural record present. Explain calmly why it is you belong in the ap class and not some regular class. shrug My parents usually back me up when the school tries to pull anything, try to convince your dad calmly to be on your side. He’s the only one that can really do anything about this. If your school is anything like mine was, they won’t listen to you, they’ll only listen to a parent complaining and threatening to sue.

I agree, you need to talk to the principle, showing him or her your records, you might also want to find out who your councellor’s other head honso is, and confront them with what is happening, especially if this is happening to other kids.

Does your dad have a problem with you? Why did he agree with this councellor? If you have a good record, and he knows this, it might be hue of you to sit down calmly and explain why he went with her. How exactly did she manipulate your dad by the way?

If the principle won’t listen to your or your dad if you can get him on your side, you can always go to the school board. Oh, and did the chancellor tell you exactly why it was she didn’t think you belonged in a higer class?

Not all adults are screw ups like it sounds like this woman is. I’m an adult and I have to deal with these idiots too. Ususally smug ass holes like think they’re above the law, until you can get their bosses to really look at their record.

I don’t know what you can do about the high school classes you want to take (though the above suggestions of talking to the principal are a good place to start). But when it comes to colleges, go to the one you want. It’s your decision.

… I think you need a new advisor. Or at the very least a second opinion. I wouldn’t want to base my acedemic future on one person’s opinion. :expressionless:

Discuss it with your dad, show him your POV.

Our school’s a little different since it’s so big. You can’t just sign up for classes, the counselors pretty much decide what classes you get into. Some counselors are complete hobags like mine and take you out of AP English even though you did all the summer assignments and meet all the requirements already while other hoodlums in regular English are put in for being in her stupid little Puente Project program even though supposedly “there’s no space left”. Also, she doesn’t have any say what colleges I apply to, but the colleges I’m applying to require you to have your counselor fill out an evaluation of you and I know she’s going to write all this bad crap about me since I yelled at her. But they also said the principal won’t be back until Tuesday so I have to wait before I talk to him. Hopefully I can get my counselor changed, if not, then I’m planning on switching schools.

Anyway, she basically kept bringing up my attendence and my mediocre grades. I got A’s in all my AP and honors classes and 5’s on all the AP exams and I only got Cs and stuff in regular classes cuz they SUCK! And I only cut class on days we weren’t doing anything, it’s not my fault if that ends up being pretty much every day. It still didn’t affect my grades though. And I tried telling that to my dad, but he just won’t listen! He said it’s my own fault for not going to school, but I still have the grades to qualify, but she’s like there’s no space but AP classes are NEVER full because there are so few people in them! Argh, it makes me so angry.

Get a livejournal for future posts like this.

TD is jealous cause he never finished highschool.

Try and talk to your school principal.Then the Boaard of Education.Then you could try going to a different school.If that doesn’t work tell your counselor that she can screw herself and you can make your own choices about what you can and can’t do.

Oh, well since you keep cutting classes, you kinda deserve it.

Attendance is something that counselors have to look at. You should show up even if they aren’t doing stuff. Colleges look at that stuff as well. However, if you got an A in your honors English, you should definately get into AP English.

As for community college… hey- do whatever you want. I went to a regular college, dropped out because I wasn’t mature enough, then I went to community college and excelled. After that, I knew what I wanted to do and went back to my old college and I’m doing quite well, indeed. I just wanted you to know that it’s not even CLOSE to being a death sentence.

I’ve never heard of anything like this. Do you have some kind of disability that would warrant your counselor having this level of control over your registration?

I hate how kids think they’re so powerless in school. From someone who has had to stand up and take the reigns before, lemme tell you that it’s not only possible but completely reccomended. Tell your counselor to fuck a broom stick and talk to your principal. If they give you shit alert your local school board and if that doesn’t work go before the board of education.

A counselor that discourages you from attending the best college you can get into should be shot. If you get in and then fail, well, it’s your own damn fault, but at least the responsibility is your own. Take the case to whoever will listen to it, and don’t be afraid to jump over people in the beaurocracy who won’t when their superiors might.

Good luck.


Everything they said. with the exception of telling her to go fuck off, because she’d use it against you. I think you made a massive mistake in cutting classes, even if they weren’t doing anything, this just gave the councellor ammo she could use against you. If she lost the entree forms, couldn’t you just get them new ones? That’s a pain, I know, but then make copies, so if she tried to lose them again, you’d have these back up ones.

Any idea why the councilor would have this grudge against you?

She’s just an irresponsible idiot. One of my friends graduated two years ago and she was supposed to help him with scholarships and she kept telling him to come back. And then before school ended she said to come back during summer and he did and she said “Sorry, it’s too late now.” Probably also because I’m not Mexican, she gives ALL the special treatment to them. So racist. >:[

Anyways, I’ll get my way eventually and then I’ll key her car for revenge!