Stuff that's wrong with Path of Neo

[ul][li]Major: There is no “auto-targetting” system for the guns. This means that, unlike Enter The Matrix, you cannot aim, or you must waste time trying to do so when it’d be much more effective to kung-fu them to bits, except possibly when using a grenade launcher. The “Lobby shootout” became “lobby where I got shot at and kung fu’d the guys to bits.”
[/li][li]Medium: The live-action sequences. They make no sense unless you’ve actually seen all three movies, and even then. I mean, I know the game’s target audience is “people who’ve seen the movies and want to play as Neo”, but come on.
[/li][li]Minor: The fact that you can’t choose whether or not to give Agent Smith the finger.
[/li][li]Medium: The @#$% bosses in the Merovingian’s castle who, in every difficulty mode except easy, heal themselves faster than you can deal damage to them.
[/li][li]Minor: Some of the music is awesome, yet the fights involving them are too short (meh, maybe I’m just too good at this) or they aren’t used often enough.
[/li][li]Medium: The fact that you have to go through the whole “red pill/blue pill” sequence, and then win the subsequent scene, just to choose the difficulty level.
[/li][li]Minor: Okay, I admit that the people who said “OMG REV’S ENDING SUXXORED YOU ASSHEADMUFFINS, CHANGE THE ENDING!” deserved a slap in the face like Megasmith, and it was amusing, but really
[/li][li]Medium: The midair battles could’ve used some tweaking. I mean … well, really, it wasn’t as awesome as the normal kung-fu system.
[/li][li]Minor: … which could also have used some tweaking. I 'unno, when you only use two buttons and “Focus”, it lends itself to a certain amount of unpredictability.
[/li][li]Medium: The framerate was … well, let’s just say “unstable” and leave it at that. It definitely was on the PC version, and I’m told it was like that on the XBox and PS2 as well.
[/li][li]Minor: It was too easy to tell that the Burly Brawl was not fighting hundreds of Agent Smiths but rather ten or so Agent Smiths at a time and hundreds of damn near two-dimensional sprites of 'im. The transition from one state to the other was kinda smooth, though …
I’m not going to mention the various minor graphical glitches that I attribute to my own graphics card.

It’s not entirely your graphics card. At some random points Neo’s face looks like two small beads stuck into a giant glob of paste. Other times it’s normal, but that’s another minor thing you can add. =P

So it’s crap, and I shouldn’t buy it ever?
I was looking forward to getting it… sorta.


Oh, it’s not crap, there’s just some things they coulda spent more time on.

Oh, and the fact that all the soldiers (in EVERY LEVEL THAT HAS SOLDIERS) say variations on “We gotta stop this guy!” gets a bit tiresome after the eighth repetition.