Stuff I Notice

In anime and manga, some odd things happen

There will be some karaoke show randomly on a news channel. There might be a puppet singing

Cactuar-like things appear in the background of some manga panels

Girls eat parfaits

Class presidents are female

Making kids’ picture books is a common job

Ratings on Animenfo tend to be higher then on The Internet Movie Database, and lower than episodes on TV Tome

In Japan, cosplay is as generic as Haloween costumes

I think you might have the word “Japan” confused with the word “Anime Convention”.

Cosplay in American anime conventions has specific characters.

In anime, when people cosplay, they wear generic things like animal suits or Mandarin dresses

That’s probably because to use designs from other Animes (that don’t belong to the same company) would be a copyright infringement. You DO see the occasional tribute to other series, tho, long as it’s a one-time thing only (for each). Abenoshi is full of Anime references, including costumes.

I saw a chapter in Inu Yasha where some guys were cosplaying as a bunch of the Detective Conan cast.

Anyway, you’re generalizing.

I misunderstood you. I thought you meant in Japan in real life, not in animes. :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw that too. I thought it was wack. Case Closed was actually a cool series, though.

In new anime like Xenosaga, the lines are thick

Non-japanese names in anime are weird, like Mwu Wa Flagga or Kai La Lu Luka

Girls don’t know what dick looks like. In the End of Eva commentary, some girls that saw it never saw cum before

Bath houses have a symbol that looks like the Java cofee cup, and might be related to hot springs

There are faces that look like the tatoo that was on Ranma’s stomach

Puerto Ricans are yakuza guys

Brides are a big deal. Girls cook as “bridal training”

A person cooks at their lover’s house

“Hamburger” looks like meatloaf

Shadow Skill TV has a couple things that don’t make sense:

-Kain G was gonna lose his Sevaar title because he attacked Li something. But he still kept bragging that he was a Sevaar anyways

-If someone crosses the line of not shielding someone, they lose their Sevaar title, because they are being a “crazed beast.” Yet Scarface tells Gau not to worry about killing if he wants to be a Sevaar

-But at the end, someone says Kuradan or Shadow Skill is based off animals