Stuff goes boom whee

Yes, another news article, I know I know :stuck_out_tongue:
<a href=“”> Chemical factory exploded, but you may be relieved, it’s not on your darned continent</a>
China should really check up their security. I mean, over 6000 people killed in mine accidents alone last year, and other various work accidents, I mean yeah 1.6 billion people is nice and stuff but that doesn’t mean you can just throw them out of the window. o_o What a life counts these days.
In case I ever go up <a href=“”>in smoke</a> and you never hear from me again you know why.

A woman who answered the telephone at Jilin Petrochemical Company Hospital said about 40 to 50 people were receiving treatment. She hung up when asked for details.

At the Jilin Central Hospital, a doctor in the emergency department said “several people with minor injuries” were brought in.

Yes, I take bets on how the numbers of deaths and wounded were manipulated, and speculations on how “minor” exactly those minor injuries were. :smiley:

This is symbolic of China’s lack of oversight, corruption and lack of transparency.

And their really, really bad air quality.

*Sigh. What’s wort is that this isn’t something at all new and unheard of. We’ve always had regimes like that and we probably always will.

It was like that even before it exploded, wasn’t it? How on earth do you breathe there?

By getting carbon deposits and emphysema.

If we’re going to talk about air quality, we should discuss water quality.

My parents can’t go to China without getting sick.

And anyway, corruption is really a huge, omnipresent thing in the government. If you don’t confess yourself, there’s really no way for any official force to persecute you.

Never going to China ever ever ever.

I feel sad for the dead and wounded. But asides that,

Stuff goes boom whee
is my ‘philosophy of life’.

And I would go to China. It’s not all bad environment and corruption and this and that. Despite those things, there are some places I’d like to see.