Study shows...

The princess is in another castle only 87.5% of the tiime.

Clearly, research money well spent. It’s good to know priorities in today’s world are well set for groundbreaking fields and intense unknowns such as this.

I will sleep better knowing this.

87.5%. Man, that’s an awful success rate. Dratted princesses, you’d think they could do a better job communicating their castle-locatability to well-meaning plumbers.

It’s always in the last castle you get to.

Does this take into account any hidden worlds? (Minus World, Worlds 9-D in SMB:TLL)

But it IS always the last castle you get to. Usually.

It has been agreed that 87.5% of the time prospective rescuers will not happen upon the Princess, but instead be informed by a creepy fungus man that her whereabouts are elsewhere.

While probability and numerical accuracy have been officially cemented, researchers remain consistently baffled as to…if the bitch is even worth it at this point.
I always knew the Mario games were analogies to the dating scene.

Maybe for you.


I see that this formula fails to take into account the possibility of a Game Over.

Killmore: If we take into account all possible Marios, it is impossible to come up with an accurate statistical representation. Instead, they use the successful Mario, the Mario that lives to go onto other adventures. It would make more sense to use that Mario rather than the Mario that can’t jump over the first goomba.