Stuck major time (FFX)

Hey everyone I followed your advice and got FFX and it rocks. It’s canned and linear as hell but it’s pretty good at it.
I have a problem though: I am stuck in the third Seymour battle (Seymour flux on Gagazet). He keeps killing me and I really have a hard time doing anything. I think I have the firepower to get him but he doesn’t give me a chance. Here is how I try to do it:
-I have zombie ward on everyone, but it only seems to work some of the time.
-I have haste only not hastega.
-All my aeons are in overdrive (usually it’s game over after only two to three aeons).
-My highest hp is with Auron around 4000 and something.
-Almost everyone is in overdrive.
-Bio doesn’t work on him.
-Reflect is also a bummer since he is too smart, when I cast reflect he casts it on himself and them casts flare on himself.

He has killed me 5 times so far, any tips?.. Anyone?

Power up your aeon for their overdirves, and make sure you characters have their overdrives. You should toast him. Cast portect and shell on your party, too that’ll help for “Total Anniliation”.

Yea, Protect and Shell are good ideas. If you have regen, use that.

Get Hastega. You have to be fast to beat this guy.

What overdrives do Auron and Tidus have? Make sure they are both on an overdrive level where their gauges go up when allies take damage.

As for reflect, cast reflect on one of your party members and cast spells on that person. It’ll reflect back onto Seymour and go straight through his reflect.

Get your aeons in quickly. More damage you do early on the better off you are.

I noticed you said you had Zombie ward, and that it only works some of the time, well that is it’s job. All the ‘Wards’ only protect you part of the time. You need to get the ‘Proofs’ to be almost/totally immune to that status!!

Anyway, taking from what Sorcerer said, the best way to win is to have Yuna one of the starting 3, and on each of her turns bring out a Aeon, have it use it’s overdrive. Once they are defeated he should be somewhere between halfway, and almost dead (depending on their stats).
Now just keep switching people in and oput, and attacking with your biggest moves, until he is finished!!

Speed is the key. Begin by using bio on him (it works on occasion), then use regular attacks on him until his HP is about 35,000 (He starts with 70,000). Try to keep everyone alive.
When his HP is down to about 35,000, he’ll prepare to use “Total Annihilation” on you. At this point, use your strongest attacks. Have Yuna summon Bahamut and Shiva (use the Aeon’s overdrives), and use your most powerful Overdrives with your other characters. With luck, you should end up killing him before he uses “Total Annihilation”.

Thanks everyone, I finally managed to kill him. I used a strategy totally different from what all the walkthroughs say and it worked: I concentrated on keeping only one character alive (auron) and used the aeons when Seymour was under 35000. It took me 2 mega phoenixes, 1 phoenix, 2 mega potions, and 1 x potion but I finally got him. What seemed to work was: Auron doing anything, Wakka with silent buster, Rikku (surprisingly), and the aeons. What didn’t seem to work: Shell, Bio (I used bio fury and it didn’t get him!!!), reflect (worked wonders on his second form!), and the zombie wards. I hear battles only get harder from here on, oh my.

Yeah, some of the battles are nuts, but your stats also go nuts. Try getting the ultimate weapons though, the break damage limit is the greatest skill ever.

You don’t need Hastega. All you need is 3 Aeons, two of which being Shiva and Bahamut, in overdrive, and two characters (besides Yuna) in overdrive.

Start off by summoning your weakest overdrive aeon. Overdrive. Instant 15-20k.

Next Aeon. Anotehr 15-20k.

Bahamut. Easily 20k, possibly 30k. Then use your character’s overdrives directly on Seymour. He should go down. If not, level up a bit.

You won’t have the Celestial Mirror likely at that point though, so only Bahamut can do more than 9999 damage.

Edit: Plus the extra damage that the Mortibody carries over, but that’ll only be 1000 after he’s “died” 3 times.

Don’t have nearly everyone on Overdrive, have definetly everyone on Overdrive and use them all in succession. Aeons must be in Overdrive too. And if you don’t have Hasteaga, train until you get it. That’s how I beat him anyway :stuck_out_tongue: (Except I already had Hasteaga at that point)

I vaguely remember this battle from all those months ago, overdrives were definately the key

Originally posted by Flintedge
[b]You won’t have the Celestial Mirror likely at that point though, so only Bahamut can do more than 9999 damage.

Edit: Plus the extra damage that the Mortibody carries over, but that’ll only be 1000 after he’s “died” 3 times. [/b]
Err, yeah, bad on my part. I was thining it was 9999 for a sec instead of 1000. But still, Bahamut should do major major damage to both of them.

That’s true, I think my Bahamut did almost 30k to him.

Or, by the way, you can go it the hard way and get enough HP sphere nodes for everyone so that at least one person survives the 2-turn move he does that killed all of my party members.