Street Fighter IV

Was playing this at a friend’s house last night and I couldn’t believe that there wasn’t a thread on here about it yet. It seamlessly blends 2D fighting game play with luscious 3D graphics. Most of the old characters return along with some new faces that seem a bit over powered, but mayhaps that’s just me. This game has me considering a live account :stuck_out_tongue:

So what are your thoughts on the game so far?

I have played it,it’s a great game,helped some friends get all the characters.

I just wish that the move list and combo challenge mode had some demos on how to do them because finding the timing for some combos is hellish.

I dunno, so far, my impression is “meh.”

There’s a bunch of reasons for this, where do I begin?

  1. This is perhaps my fault for buying into the hyper, but the producer of the game, Yoshinori Ono, said that this was supposed to be a sort of “SF2 return to form” kind of game. I suppose it is in a superficial sort of way, but the game plays quite a lot like a cross between Street Fighter 2 Street Fighter 3 and an SNK fighter, which is obnoxious. I suppose the SNK part is to be expected - Dimps, the development team that made SF4, made a few SNK fighters.

  2. I really hate movement in this game:

  • Characters have slow walking speeds, generally not agile at all without dashes. What’s the point of even walking when it’s like this? 3S was pretty bad about this too, but I guess at least it’s not as awful about it as Guilty Gear.

  • Jumps are really…top heavy? Chunky? +11 Gravity? I dunno, it doesn’t seem like jumps traverse much distance in this game, no matter who you are. Naturally, some characters will be like that; but even characters who jump absurdly high, like Chun-Li, travel roughly the same horizontal distance as every other characters. Did the designers really not grasp the fact that Chun’s floaty high jumps were supposed to be a check-and-balance for the amount of horizontal distance she traveled? Now she just gets the worst of both worlds. Great.

  1. This is also my fault, but I really just don’t get the Focus Attacks. I mean, I understand HOW they work, but I rarely find situations where I’m like “hell yeah, time to FOCUS ATTACK”

  2. Normals, I’m on the fence about.

On one hand, I really like that the different strengths of attack have a very set role - light attacks are for block strings, mediums are combo starters, and heavy attacks are anti-air/knockdowns.

On the OTHER hand, there’s a shitload of things wrong with this:

  • This ‘set role’ crap only seems to apply to crouching normals

  • The light attack blockstrings are very retarded. Basically, you either do a block string until you’re out of range to continue, and then you either throw out a move or block. If you block, well, the situation is reset to where neither fighter has the advantage (i.e the whole thing was pointless), or you throw out a move and if your opponent has faster moves, they’ll stuff whatever move you’re trying to do. So, it ultimately hurts characters with slower moves.

  • The medium and hard attacks are a lot slower to start up, and are much less safe on block. I applaud the idea of trying to make all the normals useful, but all that’s happened is that the utility is spread out so thinly across a character’s moveset that it you’ll have to guess between six different possible moves for any given situation. What a bunch of crap.

the tl;dr version of point #4 is: Street Fighter 2’s normals were pretty much the pinnacle of normal moves in fighting games. I’m not sure why future fighting games recognize this model and proceed to try and fix something that isn’t broken.

  1. Command Throws. All the other stuff up there, I can get over it. Maybe the annoyance will subside with time. But THIS, is uncontestably the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen:

There is NO throw invulnerability period after getting up from a knockdown. Naturally, this isn’t such a huge problem if your opponent goes for a normal throw; but command throws are a huge problem for two reasons:

  • the outprioritize normal throws, AND you can’t tech hit them

  • This might seem weird to think about at first, but command throws have a certain window of time that they can grab you. In other words, if you stand next to someone who is getting up from a knockdown and try a command throw, even if you do it a little too early, you’ll still get them, because the ‘grabbing’ animation of the throw can actually grab an opponent for the first several animation frames.

So, what does this mean for you, when playing a character like Zangief? The only safe thing you can do is jump or dash back. Hell, even jumping isn’t entirely safe - your opponent can do any number of things as you’re getting up, and he can do them so late that you couldn’t possibly react to to it. You can’t even block, because you’ll just get thrown. So, your only truly safe option is to backdash or reversal attack. Fucking, lovely.

I’m open to the idea of this game becoming more fun. Admittedly, I’ve only been playing it for about a day. Still, the likelihood that I’ll be taking this game seriously at this point is pretty much zero. I also at going to go on record stating that I’m not really looking forward to Street Fighter 5. Like, at ALL.

Oh, and Cro, here’s a tier list:

Basically, of the four new characters, Rufus is the only one that’s really solid. C.Viper is moving up, though. I heard there’s a more recent tier list that puts her even higher up in the tiers, but I’ll believe it when I see it. Either way, I just thought I’d bring it up since you mentioned how you felt about the new characters.

C.Viper has moved to top tier status according to fighting pros,the problem is that the learning curve for her is very steep,you have to learn how to cancel almost everything she does.

Focus attacks:I find focus attacks quite good,EX FA are good for combos,if you hit the second level or higher the opponent crumbles and are open to basically anything,and you can dash instantly after one.

Command throws:I really haven’t seen this problem,my main is Zangief and while he is really good in this game,you just have to play it save against him they are many moments when he hits you with something he can’t really grab you,and I’m not sure about that window of opportunity after you get up that he can grab you.

I’d really like to see this tier list with C.Viper up top. The only place I’ve found something like this is on smash boards, and well…I’m reluctant to believe something found on there about SF4 :stuck_out_tongue:

As for focus attacks, like I said, I get HOW to use them, but not WHEN to use them.

Command throws: Try walking up to someone after knocking them down and doing an SPD just before they get up. Unless they backdash, jump, or do a reversal attack (like a Shoryuken), I bet you’ll nail them every time as long as you’re in range.

Although, that’s not alone what makes Zangief top, otherwise, Abel would be way at the top, too. Zangief is just fucking indestructible.

Well according to the shoryuken forums this is the newest tier list gotten from Arcadia Magazine

A:Ryu, Boxer, Rufus, Blanka
B:Chun, Dictator, Ken, Dhalsim, Abel, Honda, Fuerte
C:Claw, Guile

As far as I know there is no console tier list so far.

sorry did not realised the double post

I don’t really see why Viper is so high. She’s good, but what does she really have that’s SOOOO good?

I also have a hard time believing that Guile is worse than Claw. Guile seems really bad, but I think it’s gonna be hard to be worse than Vega, jesus.

Other than that, the tiers seem to reflect what I’ve been experiencing.

Anyone else think the netcode sucks my assballs? You’d think that with all the backlash against input lag, they’d have made netplay that, you know, doesn’t have input lag.

What really bothers me is just the RIDICULOUS amount of Kens online,fighting kens in a row is stupid,but most of all what I want to know is why? why are there so many kens? does anyone have any idea why?

No idea, but don’t worry, a lot of people are wondering the same thing:

What I wanna know is, why do they keep playing the same AWFUL, painfully-easy-to-beat strategy?

i am contributing to this thread

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I’ve finally managed to unlock all the characters, have headed online, and am enjoying this game all the more.

The sheer amount of Kens is ridiculous, but it’s even worse for Akuma. Basically, everyone sees the Raging Demon and decides that, since it’s the most powerful single-hit super in the game, they’ll spam it to all hell. Problem is, it’s been watered down so much that, if the opponent is more than, say, half-a-sweep away, they can easily jump over the attack and combo whore Akuma to death in the back. And then there’s the morons that pull it off at the other end of the screen. Or don’t realize you can cancel into the move (which is HOW YOU SHOULD FUCKING DO IT). I mean, I suck at this game, and even I can figure out things like that!

I’m probably the only person out there maining Rose. Mostly it’s because of her countering potential. Reflect can bounce back damn near any projectile, Soul Throw is perfect for those fuckers that keep jumping in, and her Focus attack seems to work more for me than any of the other characters. That, and when I meet up with Akuma scrubs, it’s so much fun to wait until they try to Raging Demon me from across the screen, only to find themselves slamming into an Illusion Spark and losing half their life bar.

There’s your street fighter humor. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Galloway, the problem with Raging Demon is that it’s a throw super. There’s no real way to combo into it, so you just have to catch your opponent with their pants down for the most part. That’s how it’s been in every game. There are generally two ways to do this:

  1. Bait a move

  2. Kara-Cancel it. “Kara Cancelling” means to interrupt the animation of one of your normal moves with a special move or throw. Not every move can be Kara Cancelled; however, Raging Demon has an odd property in every game: You can Kara Cancel into it at any time, with any move.

So, the best way to do this is to Kara Cancel it off of his overhead attack. When you walk up to someone you’ve knocked down or something, do the overhead, and if they don’t counterattack you, you can be certain they’re crouching. This is when you do the Raging Demon; since they’re crouching in front of you at point blank, they’re unable to escape, because they have to stand up in order to jump. In other words, they can’t jump out of it in time.

Also, re: online. I really fucking hate it. Play anyone with under 4 bars and you get absurd amounts of input lag. fuck. that. shit.

I was pretty hyped up for SF4 after playing HD Remix for a few months, where I mained Vega. I went about 1250-600, or something like that, was probably winning at a 75% clip before I stopped.

I picked up a 6 button mad catz controller to get ready for SF4. I started getting used to it in HD Remix, but since I jumped to SF4, I’ve had a lot of trouble with it using charge characters. So I’m absolutely horrible with Vega, who’s horrible anyways. So I’ve been playing Sagat, and I’m about 110-100ish. I’ve never played a shoto character competitively, so I’m pretty bad.

What I like about SF4:

  • The EX moves and chaining into supers (I enjoyed the PSX SF EX games)
  • Character selection - outstanding
  • Challenge / survival / training modes - lots of single player fun
  • Character graphics are very nice
  • Online play connectivity is very solid - I’ve only had two disconnects, as opposed to HD Remix where it was around 1 in every 5 attempts at a match
  • Not much lag / slowdown, most fights are pretty seamless
  • Battle point system is cool and instantaneous

What I don’t like about SF4:

  • Ultra moves are too powerful. 50+% damage?
  • Characters walk way too damn slow. Walk should be “dash” speed. Horrendous that I have to move by tapping left or right twice, instead of just holding the direction I want to move. It’s like having to bring up a menu to open a door in an RPG.
  • Character jumps are too short
  • It’s difficult to keep distance between the characters
  • You can spam the uppercut motion and mash punch on wakeup and get an uppercut reversal every time. You can’t do this with charge characters, so they are at a big disadvantage on wakeup IMO. In HD Remix it was rare to encounter someone who could consistently reverse Vega’s fierce roll attack. If they hit it 50% of the time, it was still a huge trade in Vega’s favor.
  • Attack power is too low, matches take too long
  • Zangief is insane
  • Load times suck, especially against people who don’t install the game locally

I guess my biggest complaint is at the novice play level, the game really favors projectile characters. 75% of my fights have been against Ken / Ryu / Akuma. If I could beat on them with a charge character, I would, but if I can’t consistently hit my Scarlet Terror or an EX Sky High Claw on wakeup or against people jumping in, then I lose.

I need to practice more, but the lack of variety in opponents I guess is weighing on me because I’m playing more NHL 09 than SF.

SG - how many battle points do you have?

I had almost 3000 when I stopped playing. I got way too fucking tired of sloppy special move inputs, super easy reversals, and T E R R I B L E fucking netplay. It already takes almost five minutes to find a match, but anything below four bars in connection has unacceptable amounts of input lag. Forrrrget it. If you wanna play me, I’ll be in STHD, dude.

This pretty much sums up how I feel about the game.

My favorite part was in Part 7. “Honda’s men are no longer street fighters. They see this as a mortal combat, and they have the killer instinct. If you do not help your friends, this may be their final fight. … Clay Fighter.”

I really don’t get why people have so much trouble fighting the computer…

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