Street Fighter IV...Now with SUPER!!!

Yes, I bought the original. And yes, I bought this, even though it only encourages this expansion-happy behavior from Capcom. Why? Guy. Motherfucking Guy, my fav from the Alpha days, has finally come back. I have yet to try out the new online stuff (not that there’s a ton until the free Tournament DLC comes out in June), but really, it has Guy, and I am happy.

Gotta say, though, Hakan might be the single dumbest character in Street Fighter history. He’s basically a big red guy, with quite possibly the most stereotypical Turkish accent imaginable, who fights by…drenching himself in olive oil and sliding around the arena. Hell, one of his Ultras has him grabbing his opponent and rubbing them all over his body like a hurricane. I guess even Japan has heard of Turkish prisons. I mean, yeah, he’s one of the few SF characters to use a real fighting style (Yağlı Güreş, or Oil Wrestling for those interested), but…wow. Oh, and he’s also an oil baron (an OLIVE oil baron) who wishes to find a new reserve of oil.

And one more complaint. Capcom, I understand nobody plays Street Fighter for the story, but EITHER HAVE A PLOT, OR DON’T. Stop trying to fool us into thinking there’s some kind of higher meaning to this than two guys kicking each others asses. If you have an opening cutscene, make sure it correlates with the ending. Just saying.

I was wondering when this thread would be made. I picked this game up, as I was waiting for it for a while. I traded in SFIV and got half off!

Fuck off! Hakan is awesome!! His character is hilarious, and pretty fun to use. I’m surprised at the range he has.

As for the plot, it’s supposed to be ridiculous. It’s Capcom, not to mention it’s a video game… a fighting genre video game.

The game is pretty fun, and I imagine I will get a lot of enjoyment from it. Normal mode kicks my ass (that’s nothing new) so I’ll have to work at it to get better.

I believe the concept was to mix Zangief and Blanca and redden the result up until new levels of ridiculousness are reached.

Hey, Turkey is pretty close to Greece… he’s your brethren!! You should be proud to have such a noble oil baron representing your corner of Europe!

I wasn’t going to get this, but I feel I now should, like, just for Hakan.

Dude, it’s totally worth it for Hakan alone. Also it was a real bonus for me since all the characters are unlocked from the get go. Really lets me enjoy the game a lot more without having to stress about beating it on normal+ a billion times.

Hakan is really cool.

Still deciding if I wanna main Abel or Guy. Who knows, anything can change.

I’m still hoping for a Pankration fighter with a silly beard.

Ibuki / Cammy all the way!

I’ve actually been playing with Juri lately, and will probably main her or Guy.

Yes, Hakan is awesome. I was just commenting, he’s a completely ridiculous character.

Do any of the new SFs come with the old ones? I think that is the only way I will but these.

The people at Capcom are laughing at your questioning their business model.

I think Juri was the most anticipated character for this one. But is she top tier? - That is the question! I’ll let you know after the Super Street Fighter IV tournament on Saturday, we’ll how she matches up against Ibuki.