Street Fighter Alpha vs. Street Fighter 2

Which ones have you seen? Or better yet, which did you think was BETTER.

Alpha. I liked the plot more. And the Dark Hado was badass.

Alpha. Nice animation and cool fighting scenes. Although the lack of a fight between Ryu and akuma bothered me :confused:

Alpha the Movie made no sense.

And BTW : It’s SF2 : Animated movie. Not SF3. Unless there’s another SF movie that stars the cast of SF3, it’s SF2.

HOLY SHIT, I did put 3 didnt I… oh wow, sorry guys, that is supposed to be Street Fighter 2.

It was late when I did that one, >_<…

But hey, a street fighter 3 third strike movie would be badass…

Street Fighter 3.

I think SF2 is better. They made Ken so weak in Alpha.

Arg, it’s not street fighter 3, please read…

I messed up.

Either way, yeah, ken was weaker, but still… Akuma not only made appearances (he had a tiny cameo in “SF2: the animated movie” near the Dalsim vs. E. Honda fight.) but he plays decent roll.

Just out of curiosity, how many of you have been keeping up with the street fighter comics that are coming out? They give so much more depth and backstory to the characters than the movies did… :slight_smile:

SF2 Game and movie were both good


NICE, This is even better than the comics! But as far as being “pwned” I dont think you understand what I meant. I was saying that the comics do more justice to the story than the movies.
Thats all, but this is awsome.

It’s been around for a long long time.

The comic by UDON is the best one though. I don’t know how many issues there are, but the art is beautiful and they consulted Tiamat for the plotline.

i saw the live action street fighter movie with van damme and raul julia, which was fucking horrible.

(are you allowed to curse on this message board?)

Fuck no

Well, the SF2 movie messed up the original storyline, and even though some parts were interesting, it didn’t to the games any justice.

The Alpha movie was cool, pretty funny in some parts, and I just think it would have been nice if a few more characters had been included. The parts about the Dark Hado were appealing, considering my occasional outbursts of rage.

And an Akuma cameo in the SF2 movie? I’d never heard of that.

Yes, Akuma’s cameo in SF2 is right before the Dhalsim vs E. Honda fight. He is sitting with his back to a wall and has what appears to be different foods before him. He’s probably taking a break doing the SAME thing Ryu does, travel the world in search of a good fight and training. At this point in the story, though, Akuma would have already tempted Ryu with the dark hadou and would have, no doubt, sense him and try to do SOMTHING… So I dont really like Akuma’s cameo, as it is very out of character for him.