Street Fighter 4

Just a teaser:

Seems pretty well done, and from the looks of it, it’ll please both people who are new to the series and those who, like me, will feel nostalgic.

edit: on closer look, I don’t like Ryu’s face and expressions on this one ¬¬

It’s supposed to be a much more offensive based fighter (no more turtling Justin!). I’m going to miss the parry system :frowning:

What? They seem to be parrying just like they used to in these videos.

Ryu is excited.

Nope, just blocking. I watched some interview with one of the main creator dudes and they got rid of it because it made the game too defensive, and also made the gap between good and great players too great (which should be there, imo!)

crosses fingers for a return of “Q”

  1. Nothing wrong with turtling - I genuinely hope that this new offensive-based system doesn’t negate an entire play style.

  2. Absolutely no parrying, tech hits, or Alpha Counters in Street Fighter 4. This has already been confirmed from the get-go.

  3. TD, that got caught within minutes of that picture being posted on the internet :stuck_out_tongue:

  4. Probably no Q, as this game takes place between Street Fighter 2 and 3 in the storyline.

If you guys want more information, there’s a whole bunch of stuff on, and if you guys find the japanese SF4 site, you can check out the newly announced character.

It’s more 3d, would be cool if they tossed some of the EX characters in. Skullomania is wonderfully annoying with his acrobatic bum-stomp.

I wonder if they’ll do this with other franchises, like Darkstalkers … nah, it’ll never happen, they wouldn’t be able to use Morrigan’s sprite from 1994.

Khalbrae: Not going to happen. The producers wants the game to be very much a ‘return to form’ - he’s, of course, referring to street fighter 2.

Kramer: Also, don’t forget the fact that Darkstalkers is not exactly all that popular in America. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s not UNpopular, sure… But it’s not exactly well-known, either.

That’s too bad… it would be great to see atleast see Darkstalkers get the same treatment the other Capcom games have been getting (multiple classics on one disc). Oh well, emulator it is!

They DID do that, Gila Monster…but, import only. :stuck_out_tongue: Darkstalkers is actually very popular in Japan; but, there’s no more money in it anymore:

  1. It’s not popular in America,

  2. Lesser-known fact (?): There are actually FIVE Darkstalkers games…the last two flopped very hardcore; the fourth one (Vampire Hunter 2) was based off of the engine for the SECOND game, and the fifth one (Vampire Savior 2) was just a watered-down version of the third game, which replaced some characters (Specifically, they removed Rikuo, Jon Talbain, and Sasquatch to put in Huitzil, Donovan, and Pyron). Needless to say, since the last two didn’t do very well at all, it doesn’t look like even Japan would be interested in a new installment.

Donovan snigger

Gila, isn’t Saturn emulation still struggling?

Huh? I’ve never played a Sega Saturn game. I was talking about arcade…