Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

Get them while they are hot!

I put them togather in photoshop & imageready…

I suppose after this, you’d ask me where I got them eh? WELL, lucky you!

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Shrine

Don’t say I never gave ya nothing!

Since this is an SF3 thread, I might as well ask since I still have not found my answer. I beat SF3 with every character and the system direction was on normal, but I still didn’t unlock Gill. I might’ve changed some options in the system direction, but it was still on normal. Things such as changing the time limit per round, number of rounds, difficulty setting, etc. don’t matter do they? Please let me know if I am missing something so I can finally unlock Gill.

I think it has to be normal all across the board. When I did it, I went in and in the “options” mode I just set it to Default.

I never touched system direction till recently… and for one reason:
My roomates and I are capping off our skill against one another and needed to improove. So we turned OFF the ability to grab and block. So all we have is attacking and parrying. This forced us to rely on parry more and were now MUCH better than we were several weeks ago…

Yeah… SF3 rocks.


While we are on SF3, what characters do you guys use? I find myself using Chun-Li and Ibuki, and sometimes Ken.

Ken, Dudley, Chun

in that order

Ken is my best just because hes the most versatile for my playing style. ((his kick variations are the BEST of the shotokan))

Dudley is trixsy like a mofo. Hes fun to play, and his taunt opens people up for a good ol 1/2 circle back to forward + punch… Then corkscrew blow! ((Cross-counter pwns aggressive players))

Chun… well, its Chun.

I’ve been playing Alex a bit lately too just cause his moves are fun. And I like to play around with other characters like Makoto because of how fast her mediums are and how well she can mix-up her close range combat.

I like using Ken, Chun Li, Ibuki, Necro, and Hugo’s fun to be when I can get his pile drive move to work.

Ryu, Ken and Akuma are my standard characters. The shotokan characters rulezzz!

So what about good ol Sean?

I made pretties for Sean!

I use Hugo as my main. Necro as my second/joke (especially a Magnetic Storm Necro)

Hugo is a pimp. I’ve seen some people turtle with him and do quite well. Its an annoying style to play against, but it works wonders.

I’m a Ken/Dudley man, I do some Chun on the side but my two boys are my prime runners. As far as a joke character goes… I like Ibuki.

My friend whom plays Akuma tried to Shungokusatsu me (raging demon) and I did her leapfrog taunt. You should have seen the look on his face followed by the string of curses that I recieved. I just laughed and caught him with a Yoroi-Doshi (level 2 special)

Killed him. Won the match. I laughed. He got pissed.