Strategy Guide: Episode 3! ^^

Check it out, biatches.

The game this time is…BUBBLE BOBBLE!!

I have some fond memories of this game…and some not-so-fond ones.

Stupid Level 57…

If this series would focus more on the actual game, it would rock.

The only time I could ever get past level 57 was by grabbing one of those umbrella things.

And you know, from past experience, I get the feeling that Zero will post this exact same thing in a different thread, not having seen thi one at all.

Actually, I saw it, ha!

I fucking hate level 57, but I have managed to beat it normally on more then a few hundered seperate occasions… groan

Now I got a sudden urge to go and play Bubble Bubble. They should have had more about the actual game, and less about family revelations and Lara Croft porn though.

Originally posted by Devillion
If this series would focus more on the actual game, it would rock.

The whole point of the series is reviewing old classical games that are older than some of you folks in some cases, all that with a wacky cast of blue aliens, cussing, jabbing jokes at the flaws of the games, hard spots, and etc.

curls up into a fetal ball Level 57! LEVEL 57! mommymakethebadlevelgoawaymommymakethebadlevelgoawaymommymakethebadlevelgoawaymommymakethebadlevelgoawaymommymakethebadlevelgoawaymommymakethebadlevelgoawaymommymakethebadlevelgoawaymommymakethebadlevelgoawaymommymakethebadlevelgoawaymommymakethebadlevelgoawaymommymakethebadlevelgoawaymommymakethebadlevelgoawaymommymakethebadlevelgoawaymommymakethebadlevelgoawaymommymakethebadlevelgoawaymommymakethebadlevelgoaway!!!

whimpers I remember that level… that was fucking insane…