Strategy Guide author sues Blizzard

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I don’t know about you guys, but I remember a time when “unofficial” strategy guides were <I>far</I> easier to find than “official” ones. You’d just go into a B. Dalton or something and pick one up. These days, you only see “official” strategy guides, licensed by the companies that made the game with “exclusive bonus content” that they really should have put in the instruction manual, anyway. All this guy was trying to do was make an unofficial strategy guide, and the best way to sell something these days is through eBay, until you have an audience. Hell, we make unofficial strategy guides here. It’s a good thing we don’t print and sell them, or the ESA would probably be after us, too… -_-

I’m surprised that BradyGames wasn’t who was suing him. You’d think they’d cause a stink, since they bought the rights to the “official” strategy guide, and now someone’s getting up in their territory. Or maybe they’re smart enough not to, since they used to publish unofficial strategy guides themselves (I remember the Brady Silent Hill 1 guide proudly saying on the cover “TOTALLY UNOFFICIAL AND UNAUTHORIZED”).

[edit] Just found <A HREF=“”>the guy’s website</A>… less certain if I side with him now, as it is just a text file for a computer. But, hell, if you need it, you need it, regardless of its medium. Good luck, random-ass crazy guy.

He’ll hopefully win, not because it’s a good guide or because he deserves the money from the lawsuit, but because of the possible juridical ramifications should he lose. It would effectively make it illegal to write strategy guides and walkthroughs and make them available to the general public and make a profit on it, which is something even we do ( through donations and did through advertisements back when we still had those. )

Hell, sometimes the unofficial strategy guides were better. My girlfriend sure wished there was an unofficial guide for FFIX, since they decided to put a lot of their guide ONLINE. She was of the mind, as am I, that if she was going to buy a strategy guide, then they should have everything IN it. But no, it was like “If you want to beat this boss, go to Playonline!” Asshats. Also, the site doesn’t work anymore, it is all FFXI now. Not only did they make her play for shit she could have got for FREE on GameFAQs, but they DELETED the content online for the strategy guide.

Yeah, that’s the way to appeal to fans. Bradygames really has their finger on the pulse of the fucking gamer.

I miss the old Versus startegy guides. They were some of the best “unoffical” guides in town. The ones for OoT and Majora Mask still get regular use, as it very useful.


That pissed me off royally.

I haven’t bought a single Brady guide since then. That was the biggest ripoff ever.


Nintendo Power used to put out the absolute best game guides, with the exception that they’d try to hold back a bit of information for the end of a game (where you probably want more tips than anywhere before), and that they mislabled Kraid and Ridley in their in-mag Metroid guide. I don’t know how their stuff holds up now, though.

Expert Gamer used to have some great guides in it, too - their issue on Suikoden II is one of the few magazines I haven’t recycled trying to keep my room clean. Paying $4.99 for an issue full of pretty good game guides sure beat paying $14.99 for one about one game only. Come to think of it, wouldn’t all the guides in game magazines like this be considered unofficial?

Oh hell yes. I didn’t have it quite so bad, sicne all I cared about was the bosses’ HP and what I could steal, but it still sucked royally. The only reason I’d ever buy a strategy guide these days is when someone already had it and was willing to sell it to me for like, a dollar.

THat said, hope this guy wins. Has a definite case there.

This jerk should get a job.

Sign me up for the “pissed at the FFIX strategy guide” club.

I’ve never actually played FFIX, but really now. I’m on this guy’s side.


Probably 'cause he has experience writing such guides and is doing good business.

Yeah right, this guide sucks ass. Gold doesn’t mean shit in WoW, all I do is blow it on new mounts.

Actually, Dan Birlew (the author at Brady who wrote the FFIX guide) made the full guide, but Square, anxious to get the “PlayOnline” name out there, told Brady that they wouldn’t get the rights to the “official” guide if they didn’t put most of it on PlayOnline. Apparantly, the staff at Brady was more pissed off than anyone about the whole ordeal.

When did it stop being ok to publish unofficial guides?

Apparently, when publishing official guides became the “in” thing.

No, no, I meant a real job, like on an assembly line or something.

It gives me a warm feeling when someone gets irate over being banned from something :slight_smile:

I don’t think the problem here is that he’s infringing on Blizzard’s copyrights. I’m sure stuff like “Molten Core” and “Onyxia” are trademarks of Blizzard, but i still don’t think thats the reason. The real reason is that Brady, or whoever publishes the official WoW guide, paid thousands and thousands of dollars to obtain the rights to do so. Blizzard probably made a pretty penny off of that deal, and wants to ensure that anyone who makes a guide pays them, so they can keep that revenue stream open. If some 24 year old kid is allowed to print up his own guides without getting a license, what’s to stop Brady from doing the same?

But then again, i could be totally wrong. Its times like these that i really wish i knew more about the intricacies of copyright law, so i know what’s going on rather than just “lol itz dat damn DMCA again lol man fuk dat law”.

And yeah, to beat a dead horse, the FF9 guide was a joke. The ironic thing is that FF9 was the ONLY guide i’ve ever bought. (I think i picked up the Xenogears guide, but only because it came with an art-book or something.) Needless to say, i’ll never do that again.

But weren’t they doing that before with the unofficial guides? What changed?

I can’t even remember the last time I saw two guides from different companies for the same game.

Is it illegal to sell an unauthorized strategy guide now?

Where are the law students around here? I want some answers.