Strange Japanese puzzle game...

Grow The object is to find the right order in which to place the objects so that they all max out at the end. It is strangely addicting.

Cool but my score was only 11400.

I hit 13k earlier, I can’t figure out how to max everything yet.

I got 7000 points placing things randomly.

The only thing I’ve figured for certain is that the cube has to be placed 2nd in order for it to have enough time to max. It also requires the ladder.

The battery thing is powered by the whirlwind and chopper, to make it fly, with the motor. The ladder just builds itself in 6 turns. The sattellite requires it to be flying, and requires the screen to work because it powers it. The rest, I’m clueless about.

The satellite never seemed to require flight for me. I have no idea how to get the bubble pipe thing to level, as it never levels for me.

Hmm… yeah. You have to place the TV and satellite on before you place the chopper, otherwise they won’t get power from the whirlwind. And if you place the whirlwind before the chopper, it’ll destroy the chopper. The bubble thing never seems to do anything for me either.

I usually save the rocket for second to last, since it only takes 2 turns to fire up. The pipe’s been last lately just because I don’t know what it’s purpose is.

Aha! I’ve figured the bubble pipe. You place it after the mountains and it starts to rain on them, forming a lake.

1000 posts! Woo!


Intriguing… but I keep getting higher scores when I don’t do that. Strange.

Thanks Admiral Nagumo :smiley:

You must place the TV screen last. I just max leveled it when I placed it last.

Hah, I remember this XD

Heh, that was a pretty fun game. Took me a few tries, but I managed to max everything at last. 20,000 points!

The order for those who are curious is:

Egg -> Box -> Ladder -> Sun -> Mountain -> Pipe -> Windmill -> Tornado -> Gear -> Satillite -> Thruster -> TV

I’ve got it now. I did it in a different order to Green Mage however.
38000 points.

Game spoiling bastard…j/k. :enguard: p:unch:: Definitely interesting, my prob was I kept placing the tv right after the satellite.

I wonder if there is a way to do it that lets you get the volcano instead of the lake. I like the volcano better.

I got the lake when I did it. Also, at the end, if you click on the bubble tube icon, you get extra points.

my comp shows the hand on it, but won’t respond to the click. Does it do anything other than make your score go up?

This pretty fun. Too bad i suck at it.