Hmm alright I’m not posting all of this to prove a point, or inspire debate (but if you want to, go right ahead) or to get told to shut the hell up. All I want are some opinions, as in what does everyone think of this, and if you want to comment on how wrong/right it is, that’s fine too. I just want to know someone’s take on this…

A guy is driving through a rough neighbourhood trying to get to his friend’s house, and is in a very secluded, hardly paved road, where, a car pulls up behind him, starts following him. Said guy pulls over to let them pass, which they do, and immediatly stop when they’re in front of him, and makes him stop driving. The people, two men pull out of that car, walk up to my friend’s car, and pull out bricks, attempting to smash his windows in and mug him. He jumps out of the car, they rush to grab and hurt him. My friend pulls a sword out from under his car seat, slashes at the two men, injuring one and slitting the other’s throat. He gets a bit tense, jumps in his car while one collapses and immediatly drives away.

…?My question…would this be justified? I’m not saying it’s not, basically what I want to know is what someone else would do in a situation like this…could it have gone differently? Since the two men were gangsters, or street thugs, whatever, they can’t really complain to the police, since their intention was to rob my friend. What if they were about to pull out a gun? Or, what could the consequences be? This act was done in self defence…but I still realize it’s dangerous due to the authorities finding out and if they’d actually do anything…thoughts please?:frowning: Don’t flame me or get all cranky on me, I honestly want to hear some opinions on this.

It was completely justified. Although the throat-slitting part may seem a bit extreme, someone being attacked by gangsters only cares about defending himself. They attacked him, and if he hadn’t fought back, who knows what would have happened to him? I say the thugs got what they deserved.

I think your friend went a little far. All he really had to do was injure them. Slitting someone’s throat is going a tad too far.

Also… he had a sword with him?


Acts of aggression in self-defense is justified. However, the throat-thing may be a bit extreme and warrant jail time.

In such a situation, I doubt that most people would have enough time to think. It may have been instinctive.

Heh. Yeah he keeps a sword under his car seat…it isn’t the first time he’s been jumped. I also agree it was a bit too much but I wasn’t there so I couldn’t see how bad it was, or if he just plain panicked. I can’t imagine being in such a situation. But what if they had weapons also? Like I said, they could’ve pulled out a gun as soon as they smashed his windows out.:fungah:

The laws allow you to kill if you are defending your life. But even if there were no laws, the bandits had it coming. I wouldn’t have slit a throat, but I sure would cut some wrists.

He had no choice. After all, he was atacked by thugs, and if this wasn’t the first time, then it’s understandable that he was probably getting fed up with it. It was legitimate self-defense, seeing how they jumped him.

This happened quite a few months ago so I’m sure that if there were any jail time consequences he’d know by now, although one of the men who has recovered could come back for vengeance…so far that hasn’t happened and it wont, I hope. But yeah, maybe he had some choice or not, for the sake of knowing him I want to believe he had no choice. Ok. Thanks everyone, I needed some inside info and what people thought of such a thing.

I hate to say this (since it might sound like I’m approving of taking another’s life), but his act benefitted society on the whole and probably discouraged the other man from his “activities”.

Oh, I forgot to mention: if the guys came from a car and chased your friend like that they sure weren’t the type of mugger who steals because he’s starving. they didn’t have to try stealing anyone so I think they got less than they really deserved.

That’s a good and bitter way of putting it, Cless. I bet some people around here would not stand for that type of behavior and put my friend in the wrong (doesn’t matter to me, I’m interested to hear whatever people have to say) if he already isn’t.

And yes Ren, that sounds right also. I know I’m a bit biased because he’s my friend and all, but the way I see it, as long as he’s alive and unharmed, I’m fine with it. A bit shocked and worried, but they were two men looking for it and someone actually fought back. (I know how heartless that sounds)

That seems to have been planned. Thugs don’t just go around bumping into people’s cars. What if they were hitmen? He did what he had to do.

i don’t know if i would slit their throats, but i definately would’ve drawn blood in that situation…

He was defending his life. It’s justified. If he full-on attacked the guys because he THOUGHT they were muggers, that wouldn’t be, but this wasn’t the case.

However, he still had to stop them from taking his life and even if killing is morally wrong and that most of the time, it wasn’t warranted, there’s no point in looking back at what you did once it happened. Learn from your mistake and go on.

He was threatened, and although I would suggest trying a reversed blade blow next time or aim for less vital parts, when life is on the line it’s hard to show restraint. He did what he had to.

He would most likely be justified, the law could be more or less lenient depending on what state it was commited in. Isn’t this whole scenario a little ridiculous though? What kind of person when being mugged leaps from their car and begins attacking the muggers with a sword instead of just driving away?

Also if the two men were trying to mug him they would be smashing the drivers side window in an attempt to get him as quickly as possible, the driver would have been clobbered as soon as he exited the car, let alone have time to remove a sword from under the seat. You said sword so I assumed it was not a tiny knife and would probably be awkward to remove from under a car seat.

well, the muggers may not’ve been the smartest ones…

I’m pretty sure they could figure out that the act of mugging someone requires attacking that person. Do you really think they were trying to bash open his trunk?

Originally posted by Manus Dei
It was completely justified. Although the throat-slitting part may seem a bit extreme, someone being attacked by gangsters only cares about defending himself. They attacked him, and if he hadn’t fought back, who knows what would have happened to him? I say the thugs got what they deserved.

I agree completely.