Stormy n' stuff

Today, we have this annoying storm going on. It’s not a hurricane or something, we’re pretty safe, but we’ve been ordered to stay indoors.

I’m terribly, terribly bored. Inform me of something fun I can do apart from internet. There’s going to be competition for that.

You sound like you do stuff outdoors. Ergh.

Play some video games, duh.

Board games…

Read. Play an instrument. Exercise. Jerk off. Kick a baby. Clean the house. Try to fix something thats broken. Re-arrange some furniture. Draw. Write.


If you have a significant other, go bug them! If not, find somebody to bug! Or to help. It matters not.

Assemble your own pirate radio station!

or Apples to Apples – whichever.

Go down the Oregon Trail before you die from dysentery.

Board Games!

Figure out a way to control the weather so this doesn’t happen to you again.