Stop spamming me e-mail, RPGC!111 :P

As you can see, I have an overabundance of e-mails. I don’t bother reading any e-mails, let alone sort them into folders. Well, about 1/1600 of the e-mails I’d put in a separate folder, those being from my friends, and the rest I’d put into one hyuj folder, marked RPGC.

No, I’m not complaining. I like all these e-mails. It makes it look like people actually love me. :smiley: I’m tryign to see how far it goes 'till Hotmail closes my 250MB e-mail account. :smiley:

What’s the most amount of e-mails YOU’VE had?

Edit: Sorry, I forgot to host my 2nd image properly. I’ll host it now, then edit this post.


I turned those notices off a looooong time ago. I’d forgotten they existed until now.

And figuring out how many emails it’s going to take is easy: Take 250 MB, that’s equivilent to 250,000 KB. At 2 KB per email, it’s going to take around 125,000 emails before your account is full. With the post rate on the agora, it’s probably going to take a few YEARS to fill up, and by that time, Hotmail might very well expand its account sizes again. =P

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Yeah. Just choose not to subscribe to threads. Case solved.

Or you could just stop posting so no’one can respond to your posts.

I’d say pick No email notification. You can check your CP and still see what’s updated, but you won’t get millions of emails about it.



What? Is there something wrong with being helpful? =P

Oh I want the e-mails. I’m just saying. :stuck_out_tongue:

O.o;;; Right… I think you’re attention-starved. :slight_smile:

OHHH BlueMageOne layed the smackdown.

Yeah, see, if you idiots would stop responding to Setz’s large amount of spam threads MAYBE HE WOULD STOP MAKING THEM. Until then no complaining from any of you.

Thanks Ori. I think.

Or!!! OR!!! (or) you guys could just not get so bent out of shape when Setz makes these threads. If it bothers you? Ok. Don’t post. NO ONE FORCES YOU TO READ ANY THREAD. There’s really not anything wrong with the thread he made; it’s just an innocent question, really. Maybe you guys should go out and get a life, so that when someone defiles your precious RPGC board, y’all don’t get your panties in such a damn twist :stuck_out_tongue: Now go do your homework, boys and girls.