Stop smoking, or your cigs will turn into skeletons and eat your eyeballs.

Best. Anti-smoking poster. Ever.

Cool. A little bit morbid, but cool.

They should have thought up a better slogan than “just quit” - it’s could be rather insulting for some people who want to quit but find it too hard. Then again everyone’s never happy at the same time. It’s a good one, though, especially considering the standard of anti-whatever posters. =P

When I saw that I thought: l S l K l E l L l E l T l O l N l My anti-cig

While I agree that, yes, its is hard to quit smoking due to the addictive properties. I’ve also seen quite a few people “temporarily” quit for a few months but then JUMP back in head first due to peer pressure. I have so many friends that smoke I doubt that my girlfriend will ever quit. She said, “Im gonna quit… but I’ll still smoke socially”, I know our friends, they are the bad kind that say things like, “Hey hey hey, come smoke with me, hey, come on, I dont want to smoke alone.”

I fucking hate those kind of smokers. As nice as they are as friends, I feel that they arent thinking about other people’s RIGHT to attempt being more healthy without temptation.

Jesus. That’s a good poster.

I’d just like to note that if you don’t smoke then the liklihood of you carrying around cigarettes is unlikely. Furthermore, if you don’t want to smoke, then if they offer you one (and that’s a pretty big if, cigarettes are expensive and I tend to not give out a lot of them. Especially if it’s a friend of mine and I know they don’t smoke) then say no. The plausability of this scenario is retarded, and if it actually happened and I was standing there, I’d probably slap someone.

If you want to quit smoking, just move to Norway.
There is nothing social about smoking here. All the smokers do here is stand outside in the cold or sit at home.

Not that there is anything social about smoking at all. You can’t talk and smoke at the same time.

>>;; Usually once you get past the 3 week hump, you’re done for good.

Setz, I will crush your Monarch Hyren. Harvest Didn’t know other Magi-Nation players even existed…

Oh, and yeah, smoking is bad, I don’t do cigarettes. A lot of my friends do though. ;_;


Don’t crush my Monarch Hyren…

Yes, they do exist. But are rare. I don’t play often… I just like to collect random trading cards. Magi-nation is one of my favourites.


I tried Magi-Nation once. I love anything that involves the collecting of stuff.

Yes you can. Why shouldn’t you be able to?

Same here. I only really like collecting trading cards of any kind. I also like to collect series of videogames. (Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Final Fantasy, et cetera)

You can inhale and talk at the same time?

I know I can! [/such sarcasm]

I know people who can have a smoke IN THEIR MOUTH, and talk, but not inhale and talk. You’d need like, those thingies on fish… uh… gills! You’d need gills to inhale and smoke.

No, but I can inhale, talk, and exhale. In succession.

That person’s got pretty bad nails.

But are you smoking once you aren’t smoking? That is, inhaling the smoke?