Stop mp3 Downloads thursday

HoHoHo! It’s not illegal to download mp3s in Norway: As long as you own the cd. Now I don’t the cd, but who’s going to come all the way here and check?

The Recording Industry of America might make a couple of examples: Of course, the retaliation that’s likely to come from the online world will be great and brutal. Like it already has, with their server being reduced to near ashes once a month.

What I don’t get is: why is it illegal to download MP3s, but it’s not illegal to sell MP3 players?

That does seem hypocritical.

Originally posted by Lord Zhou Yu
What I don’t get is: why is it illegal to download MP3s, but it’s not illegal to sell MP3 players?

Because MP3s are not inherently illegal, only if the music is copyrighted and was stolen.

Shit… word travels fast apparently… My mom left a note taped to the computer that says basically

“Don’t download anything!!! blah blah blah… Sister said blah blah blah bastards…”

that’s the condensed version… it’s a whole freaking page O_O’

I download music I can’t find here in the US anyway!! J-pop… that’s all I download… now if they want to start selling J-pop records in Kentucky then maybe I’ll shut up and quit getting it offline… but… since I haven’t seen that happening…

I mean… yeah… when I actually have the money and the ways to have my own online buying ability I will probably buy some of the actual CD’s from sites that are nice enough to have them… but… right now… I’m broke… not old enough to have a damn credit card… and… well… yeah pretty screwed right about now…

sigh at least I got a whole 2 CD’s worth of new music before all this came alone or I might be a little more sore about this…

Dances for joy

I hope they get rid of all file sharing programs that give away music. Go buy the damn CD’s people and quit complaining that there’s only one or two good songs on them. It’s ridiculus.

If they don’t publish what I listen to, then fuck them for not catering to a customer’s needs.

Well, maybe I should adjust my last statement. I believe it’s all right to download music if you cannot find it by going to a store like Media Play or whatever or if it’s not published at all. The thing I object to is downloading new releases that you can easily get.

All I have to say is this:

Thank you.

They can’t stop MP3 downloads for long.

For one thing, there wouldn’t be enough jail cells to hold us all ;D

I download all of my Dead Kennedys stuff because they don’t give a red cent to Jello Biafra, the former writer and lead singer of the band. His voice is on the CDs- he wrote the songs that are on the CDs- therefore he should get money. Since he does not, I download their stuff.

Fuck the RIAA. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well Bahamut, that’s nice and all, but what if I haven’t heard the artist’s music and all? I don’t exactly like shelling out $15 for a cd only to find it’s going to end up being a coaster since I don’t like anything on it. When I download songs, I invariably end up buying the cds they were from- I’ve done this with Interpol, Dream Theater, Avril, the list goes on. Also, they might want to notice that since mp3 and file sharing programs came out, record sales went gasp up. Gee, these things are actually HELPING them get more business, and they want to destroy them? Great logic. It doesn’t matter what preventive measures you take, when you have that many people doing this and many of them much better in technical know-how than they are and probably ever will be, they’ll never get anything done. They’ll probably try to sue one or two people to make an example, and the case will end up being dismissed most likely. This is going to get them no where and only attract more enemies and people to hack their website to continue making them look like the complete fools they are.

Er… I’m not trying to play devil’s advocate on this one, but they have a reason to do this.
Even if they aren’t losing too much money on this thing, they’re still losing money all the same, so they use whatever powers they have to make sure they get their money.
‘Fuck RIAA’ is good and all, but they’re doing what capitalism is meant for, getting money any legal way possible.

wants to bear Kagon’s children

EDIT: Oh, and Steve- Capitalism is a pretty stupid system (so is Communism, but thats another thing).

And uh… what’s the point that it’s stupid? I never said it was a good thing, I was just saying that’s what they were doing.

So you’re saying that this is a good reason to do a bad thing for a stupid thing? ;p

I’m saying that’s what they’re doing. Nothing more, nothing less. :stuck_out_tongue:

Either way it still prevents me from downloading some really great music that I shall now have to go great lengths to find…


Love the anti slogan BTW Phoenix :slight_smile:

That’s going in my Ujournal…

Oh boo hoo, you can’t listen to some music. What do you think e-bay and all the online stores are for. I may like downloading MP3s, but goddamn. Some people just can’t seem to see that going out and getting some part-time job has the same effect as downloading songs. You get the music you wanted.

There are other filesharing networks out there. If Kazaa goes down, I’ll switch to another without skipping a beat.

Oh yeah, I shoulda read this thread yesterday before I tried to connect to Kazaa. No wonder it wouldn’t let me in. :stuck_out_tongue: