Stop mp3 Downloads thursday

It could just be idle threats, but still. Just in case, everyone stop on Thursday.
Don’t even have kazaa or any other sharing apps open.
That many lawsuits could cost shitloads, and there’s not a guarantee of 100% winning on all of them… but still. Just in case.
Edit: get all your downloading done now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

the recording industries just don’t quit, do they?

I think they got a bit smarter with what they’re doing now.

well, they may stop us from downloading mp3s, but they haven’t said anything about .spc music files yet! :slight_smile:

points to fav. music album for those who don’t understand

Or .ogg. :o

And anyway, that doesn’t concern us Euro folks :stuck_out_tongue:

You and your .oggs… I remember when you and Hades were argueing for years over that.

Man, the RIAA are idiots… I mean sure, it’s stealing and stuff, but really, it doesn’t do that much damage to the music industry. Crazy greedy bastards…


opens kazaa on his bros comp

He said the RIAA plans only to file lawsuits against Internet users in the United States.

<img src=“”> Whee, Europe is good for something afterall. Also, if people do indeed stop with filesharing apps, there will just be tons of f-serves on IRC :stuck_out_tongue:

damn it, steve, you’re just like Lum! Don’t you know I’ll do somthing without ever thinking of the consiquences?!

You have to actually be slightly impressed by their persistence. :slight_smile:

/me opens Kazaalite on Thursday anyway.


Question: How are they gonna find you? Unless they go into Kazaa and start finding everyone there, they don’t have a very good chance. And how much is too much? One mp3?

Good thing I don’t use Kazaa for mp3s, isn’t it?

Guh, if I do become a lawyer, and a court lawyer at that, I’ll see how much help I can be in the war against Big Music :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t used it for music, in, like a week.

Yes, and <i>we</i> know what you’re using it to download <i>now</i>.

Let’s see what the search bar says … hmm … “Battle Network 3” …

Screw not downloading mp3s. How about we just not buy CDs anymore? If they want to attack their customers, why not let their customers attack them? Most of the people who download mp3s over the internet are under the age of 18 anyway. So are they going to attack the kids who wouldn’t be able to afford to buy those CDs anyway, or are they going to attack the parents who don’t know what the hell they’re talking about? Lovely situation, this.

that stuffs really starting to get on my nerves… their so full of crap… There’s always going to be a way to share files! even if it’s between friend’s… damn greedy bastards is right… I could understand it if a singer couldn’t eat or something I mean C’mon it’s their proffesion… but… they’re still driving their big expensive cars and living in sea scape masions… so… I’ll tell them where they can stick their lawsuits…

:stuck_out_tongue: *has anyone else noticed that could also pass as him giving the middle finger…?

They can fuck themselves. If they think they’re going to stop us with silly little threats like that, they’re pretty naive. If I want an mp3, I’m going to get it whether the RIAA likes it or not.

I think I’ll just stay with my trusty IRC.

Most songs being downloaded can be difficult to find. It’s not like they can stop technology and a lot of music out there is so outdated or uncommon that it wouldn’t bring any real big money in anyways. They can’t stop millions of people in such a thing…can they?

Ok, We’ve all agreed that they are complete fucktards…but how many of you find yourself buying a CD, after downloading one song from an artist?

I found out about weird al from Mp3’s, and now im in a hunt to collect all his CD’s…If it wasnt for the MP3, i would never have bought a Weird Al Cd ever