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Does anyone have any doubts or arguements against the above article? I read it and I do not know of what to make of it…what are your thoughts? Is the man right? Wrong? Somewhere in the middle…?

As usual, it looks like the democratic countries are trying to turn Africa into a capitalist continent. I am sure the natives do not like that, much. I agree with Shikitwaw, or whatever his name was.

tl;dr but yea we need to stop throwing money at the problem. We first need to get skilled people on the ground to do the job. There are no skilled people in Africa. Anyone who knows what they are doing gets the hell out of that continent to find work elsewhere, leaving the continent filled with a bunch of idiots who have no idea what to do, and no leadership. If you can get people in who can distribute the aid correctly, and do basic services, then you’ve got something.

And stop with this “African National Congress” can sway other nations into change business. Because it can’t, and only fools would even believe that for a second.

He’s right.

In South America there was a time some centuries back when some countries were fucked too. Financial aid, coupled with machines and tools for development, came from Europe, specially England. But it never helped. The more money came in, the more Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay got worse. It was only when the ‘help’ was cut off that these countries started really developing. It’s no first world here, but at least we’re far better than Africa.

Lifes’ main rule, since the beginning of time is ‘Every man for himself’ and although it pains some people, this animalistic instinct is what furthers life expectancy.Sure, I would love to help Africa all I could, but in the long run they will grow to be a pathetic race, begging and expecting everyone to help him because hes in a poor condition.Pain is strength.The more pain all the more will to fight and gain independance.

I totally, totally disagree with the above statement. I’m also trying not ot be biased, since I’m black and all. I mean, how the heck is that going to further life expectancy? Throwing money at a problem and giving it to the wrong people isn’t going to help Africa but doing nothing I think would suck. South America wasn’t being ravaged by AIDS and such. How the heck is that “Every man for himself” going to help anyone’s life expectancy grow?

The more pain the more willing they’ll be to fight for their independence? Dude, they already got their independence. Pain ain’t strength pal. Pain has nothing to do with not trying to help the folks out somewhat at least.

They’ll grow up to be a pathetic “race” if you help them out, huh? So, under that belief, if you see a man dying of thirst in the street, you’d leave him there because he’d be “pathetic” then? Because, you know, pain is strength and he has to go through that to be independent? I’m sorry, but that seems a totally flawed and unsympathetic mentality your sporting there with few if any redeeming qualities.

Yep. It was ravaged by a war in which 75% of the adult male population of Paraguay died. More lethal than AIDS, those wars.

You got the message wrong. It’s not “OMG letz not be gewd samarithanz cuzz that suckz LOLZ!111”, it’s “don’t give a fish, teach them how to fish”.

And the independence we talk about here is not the formal thing in documents which states a country can have its own government. It’s $$$ independence. It’s similar to what you feel when you start not depending on your parents for cash.

This reminds me of the Sith philosophy that helping others makes them weaker because people gain strength by helping themselves. Thus by giving, you take away. The man does have a point that the way things are being handled are total bullshit. Everyone knows about corruption. Everyone knows about how giving aid to countries doesn’t equate to giving aid to people. However that is no excuse to try to help alleviate the situation by providing people with the infrastructure they need. People need a better life expectancy by being given proper healthcare. They need proper education to take care of themselves. In the kind of vaccuum so many countries are in, that’s not gonna happen by itself. The problem is finding a way to set up this infrastructure for these people while also helping them do it themselves.


If any help must be given at all, it’s better to send doctors, engineers, teachers and technicians in whatever areas they have demands than to give money to their governments and expect something to be done. In desperate places like Africa, this may be the only short-term solution for the public calamity.

However, should those people stay too long, then the needy may become dependent on them (it happened in South America in colonial times). If it develops it may be just as bad as just giving money. Helping without creating another dependency problem is a complicated matter.

woah woah, hold on a sec.I think you misenterpreted what I meant.You think I dont want to help the Africans?!I do F.Y.I.I do give to charities and I try to help them!I wont just fuckin’ leave a man die of thirst in the street even if it meant to give him my last drop of fuckin’ water!I didnt say that I follow this goddamned rule.Even if statistics show that we are just plainly hurting them by aiding them I will still damn support them all I can.

Im not trying to be a racist or something ,Im quite the contrary.You shouldnt take things personal because of the fact that your “black”.The truth hurts.What I said doesnt comply to most human beings due to our feelings and emotions.And if you still dont understand what the fuck Im trying to say I dont blame you, Im complex. But keep one thing in mind.,although some people speak of something offensive it doesnt always mean what they said they meant.

About the war thing…um, yeah. Sorry, didn’t know about that. That kind of beat me into the ground.

I think we need to give Africa money, but do more than that. As in, give it the guy who has sense and not the corrupt dictator who rules the the Congo with an iron fist or something. My parents want me to have financial independence as well, but they’d help me if I was being ravaged by some disease and needed more money than I had currently to help me survive.

Your telling these people that it’s their fault their poor, and they need to become independent without actually helping them LEARN at all, or giving them any foundation to be able to become independent. It’s like giving a toddler an pen and a sheet of paper and asking them to draw a map of Texas and asking them to divide it up into all the different districts.

True, its really not their fault that their poor.I just wish we could do something more than just send money.More food drives would be great.Maybe send volunteer personels to train the Africans in a field of a job so they can support themselves or something.At the same time they may gain indepence of a sort.Or maybe Im just naive…-_-

Oh…uh, sorry Mitsuko. I kind of went a bit overboard there and misunderstood what you meant.

…500th post. :cool:

What has Africa done for us lately? Not a whole lot!

That’s something new. The guy’s probably right, who knows.

what country do we live in? the united states of “help everybody but the people who are getting killed by there dictator that needs to go?” there is no instant solution to Africa. there WAS a rather simple to Iraq though. Invade and take care of what should of been taken care of in the first gulf war. If Liberals spent as much time trying to help Africa and starving nations as they do bitching about how Bush cheated and went into Iraq for oil, the whole world would be a lot better of a place. Increasing taxes worldwide WOULD increase revinew for Africa, but who do we give the money to? the people? what would they spend it on? The dictators control the market. the government? the dictators would squander the money like they usually do.

Of course there’s an instant solution to Africa. A few dozen countries are incapacitated and we have the power to recapacitate them with a fraction of a fraction of what we have RIGHT NOW. The problem is that the people who make things happen aren’t making anything happen. They’re inept, apathetic, or suffer from a diffusion of responsibility.

As sappy and repetitive as those save-a-child infomercials are, I think that’s a very good place to start. Send a billion dollars to a billion people and everyone gets a dollar. Send $10 a month to a sickly african child and you’re giving him luxuries beyond his wildest dreams. Someone, somewhere, would still need to do as Sinistral said by supplying teachers and doctors, but I think this is a good place to START.

That is a lot more meaningful than it probably was intended to be.

To fully understand why none of the big guys truly want to get their hands dirty and teach them how to actually survive is that there’s nothing of interest in Africa that can’t be gotten anywhere else. Africa, in it’s poorer great majority, doesn’t have anything that truly interests the capitalistic system and can’t get anywhere else.

It’s an entire continent, but it’s useless as a profit maker. The old “Slam a factory in there and get manpower for dirt cheap” doesn’t work either because, well, why would they have to builds entire facilities to house and sustain the employees when it would be so much cheaper to do it in China or wherever?

So the only reason for why a great power would actually go down to help Africa is because of charity. And charity is a great publicity stunt, but it doesn’t pay wars or oil.

I think it’s far too easy to blame things on those money grubbing sons-of-bitches capitalists (you know, those ones, over there.). There COULD BE a monetary reason, but I think people in general really do want to help the Africans out, capitalism or not. I think our failure to drag Africa out of it’s ditch has many more factors than simple greed.

People might want to help Africa, but it takes more than a few charity works to save an entire continent. It takes resources that only a country can spare, and the leaders of said countries have other things to worry about.

Truly, how many times have you seen a country make a move of that magnitude that did not have any sort of benefit for itself, may it be protection from future attacks or acquisition of resources? Contrary to how it sounds, I’m not on the “Hate the capitalists 'cause they are in charge” bandwagon, I am saying that Africa is a horrible project that would take them a lot of time to get done with and wouldn’t pay back in a long time, IF EVER.

It’s not so simple, going for Africa is a terrible idea for the guys in charge of their nations, even if they want to save the starving Africans, they still have their own people to care for, and as the leaders of a country they are obligated to give them priority.