Still on frogs (since the other thread got closed due to free postery)

Call me sick and demented, I used to fish frogs when I was a kid. No kidding. You have to throw the bait past the frog you want to catch and then pull it slowly. They catch the bait and quickly swallow it.

At first I used pieces of chocolate cookies as bait. they don’t care about flavor, just about size and color. My cookies were quite good but when I pulled my catch, the frog would vomit the bait and I had to throw it again. I didn’t touch the unswalloed bait since it came with stuff the frog had in its stomach. A good twist on the rod sufficed to send the bait at the right spot again. Later on I started using sticky stuff and they wouldn’t escape so easily.

My cousin would pick the frogs I’d caught and keep them in a bucket. After we’d caught enough to fill the bucket, we released then and would go fishing for more frogs. We competed to see who would catch the heaviest one.

I was rather naive whe I did those things. I had no notion about animal suffering and saw the animals as objects. Now I’m different, though, and don’t fish frogs anymore. I just use them as bait for big fishes. They work way better than earthworms.

Frogs are awesome. There was this small creek in this park that had small little frogs, but that’s about as close as I ever go to see frogs in the wild… I’ve been denied the greatness that is amphibians.

I used to hunt frogs too when I was a child.
I knew a small creek where I went and ran after them. Litteraly. :stuck_out_tongue:

My friend’s bother used to have a frog. It ran away after being captive for two years.

I don’t like to have “caged” animals, like fish, frogs, hamsters, whatever. That’s why I only like cats as mascots :3

I love froggies!

I used to visit a park as a kid where there were all sorts of little frogs. There’s something that makes frogs irresistable to little kids (same thing with cardboard boxes and running in circles). I used to try to catch them, rarely succeeding at it.

Now, I’ve learned to become far more gentle with amphibians. Their skin is delicate and their bones easily broken. They’re better admired from a distance. Besides, you don’t wanna get peed on…

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birresistable to little kids (same thing with cardboard boxes and running in circles).(…)[/b]

I’ve never liked running in circles nor cardboards much ¬¬ I was rather into general trickery on other people and playing with balls. Dodgeball is still cool to this day. We had a variation of dodgeball where we would kick the ball instead of throwing, and you had to use all your strength in the kick. When someone had the ball the others would literally run for their lives. That was fun to watch, even funnier to play when you had the ball.

As for the amphibians: frogs never seemed to care about me, even after I would have fished them, but toads… I don’t know why, they were the ones who ran after me >_< I threatened to kick them if they didn’t stop following me - though it was always an empty threat, I didn’t want to geet peed on either - and they just kept coming. They’re cool, though, and I always cared for their well-being since they ate the beasts I hated so much by that time. But their cousins, the frogs - I used to think frogs ate stuff other than insects and that’s why I had no problem about pestering them.

We don’t have that many frogs out and about regularly, but when it rains near the mountains they all come out. They seem to enjoy playing frogger. Unfortunately, they’re bad at it.

I used to have pet frogs, too, but one day I went to check on them and they had kealed over. That was a sad day.

Years back, my younger brother and I would catch the little things and try and sell them to fishermen. Not one person bought them, so we found an empty plastic jug, tossed a bunch of heavy rocks inside, then threw the frogs in and closed the lid on them. Finally, we punched a small hole in the jug (big enough for water to get in, but not big enough for the frogs to escape. We then tossed the jug into the lake. The rocks would weigh the jug down, fill it with water, and drown the frogs.

Now that I think about it, that was pretty stupid of us. O_o

EDIT: We had a more humane way of playing with them, too. What you do is take one in your hand, spin around about 5-10 times, and throw them into the lake. They’re still dizzy, so them swim around in circles.

Ren, did you lick them when you caught them?

There is a creek behind my house, so on summer days, I can hear many a frog croaking.

Frogs ARE nifty little creatures.

But Evil Penguins > Frogs, dood.

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EDIT: We had a more humane way of playing with them, too. What you do is take one in your hand, spin around about 5-10 times, and throw them into the lake. They’re still dizzy, so them swim around in circles.

That must have been fun to watch. I’ll have to try it sometime…

I have a cabin next to a pond, with a marshy area close by. My best run I got 23 small frogs, a large one [which ate one of the smaller O.o], and a tadpole in about 2 hours.

There used to be one small marsh near my house, but people threw trash in it and it scummed up and everything in it died. Or maybe it was the guys stealing tadpoles from us to run over on their bikes. Alas, poor frogs. Ye shall be missed.

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Ren, did you lick them when you caught them?

Hmm, there wouldn’t be much point in that, unless they were cane toads, and even then you can’t really lick them to get high, you have to extract the DMT from their venom.

I’ve very rarely hunted frogs… Not enough frogs around here.

The closest I used to do was to pick up fish with my bare hands…

The only problem was that I could only do it in late spring when the the water (that used to be snow) has ebbed away leaving puddles everywhere in a small river where me and my friend were “hunting fish”.

The funniest thing that has happened there was that we had caugth two or tre small fishes and went to cath one more each.
When we returned to the puddle that we kept the fishes in (and it was about a meter away from the rest of the water so that they wouldn’t be able to escape) there were four more fishes on there (seven instead of three) and one of them was a completetly different kind of fish O_o

We never found out where they came from…
I mean, fishes that are only an inch long won’t jump a few feet… :stuck_out_tongue:

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[b]Frogs ARE nifty little creatures.

But Evil Penguins > Frogs, dood. [/b]

Go, Prinny Squad!

Etna’s Voice: Make some smegging sprites!

Uh, I mean …

Once, my family was camping, and we wanted to attract this frog using some berries. And it seemed to be more interested in the soda can tab thingy I was holding. And also, when I was about 12, I tried my hand at cruelty to frogs …

Frogs are good on white bread with mayonnaise.

I used to catch slimey little toads and frogs when I was younger with some of my cousins. We would make a big water park for them, or if the guys were feeling mean, they’d play pool with them >.> They’d hit the balls flying into the little guys and quite often the froggies would get hit and bleed. Then they’d put em back in the pond. I remember like two weeks later my cousin and I caught one of the frogs they had battered- it was missing its back legs (and the stubs were still red). I felt really bad and threw the poor thing back in and my cousin got mad and proclaimed “I was kind, in a dumb way.”

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We would make a big water park for them

Reminds me of the time we carved a big mud hotel for those inch-long black beetles.

Anyone else ever keep beetles as pets?

Not me, dood! I just stuck with frogs! … which I dropped out of treehouses a few times …

Using a live frog as fish bait is morbidly fascinating.