Still Alive (pretty catchy song)


One would be seriously remiss if he had not yet heard that song before VGCats’ flash. >:|

While awesome, it’s not half as amusing if you hadn’t spent the last several hours listening to GLaDOS’ silly ramblings.

Though the part where it goes “on the people that are still alive” still sends me chills. I mean, wait what? You mean you’ve got more people down there?

That’s what I was thinking. I mean… how could you have NOT heard it before?

I don’t think I’ve heard it before o_o

Then you srsly need to play Portal, Lanyx. >:|

Four words: Best. Theme song. Ever.

Seriously, I have the damn song on my iPod, played through the final battle over a dozen times just to listen to it, and practically wet myself from laughing when I heard it the first time. It just comes out of fucking nowhere, fit the game PERFECTLY, and, just, DAMN!

Valve: Portal 2, pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase?

I need to play Portal too, apparently.

I need to play it too. I also want to download this song now.