We have to take some down. Let’s say that we keep the group story as a sticky for now (kicks it LIVE) but have no more storie stickies? I’ll wait for a week and see if anyone having a story stickied updates, otherwise I think that it’s just as well that they aren’t stickied. In any case, the thread is always brought to the beginning when you update, so does it really need to be stuck?

Finally! Fewer stickies! More reasons to procrastinate!

Sticky this so everyone can see.


that’s actually a brilliant strategy:

sticky a thread to reduce the number of stickied threads.

i like that. :slight_smile:

<img src=“”> Reminds me of the staff forum :stuck_out_tongue:

Good point there TD. I guess that makes Gallo and Booken Sin since he’s the one who always starts cringing about it ^_^;;

Umm, do you need the constrictive criticism thread now? I think it’s unneeded by now.

Bah, even with less stickies, no one’s gonna read the first chapter of the story I wrote, so it’s not like I care much.

I dunno, the constructive critisism thread is rather informant… but I’m open for discussion.