Stickied art thread

Cless came with a suggestion, that we’d have a stickied thread meant to be used for those random artpieces that comes along, so that they don’t get pushed off the first page and become forgotten. Now, I know I don’t want to have half the first page made out of stickies again and you probably don’t either, but it would let the artists get some easier detection among the stories perhaps. Whacha say?

I say, yea!

Sounds good to me.

Oh yeah :smiley:

Why not?

Yeah! That sounds cool!

I vote yes. :victoly:

I see a positive outcome, so put me in the “Yes” cast.

(Try to use a defferent sort of way to express yes or no than anyone else. The results should be deadly, since there have been quite a lot of them used…)

Then so it shall be written and so it shall be done!

Originally posted by Weiila
Then so it shall be written and so it shall be done!

You enjoy saying that, don’t you?

Hell yeah! ;D

Hey, Weiila is our GODDESS! She can say whatever she wants!!

…But, umm, how long are you going to keep your Halloween Avatar, Weii? It’s CREEPY…