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School pledge ruled unconstitutional.


rolls eyes

When I first started going to school here part-time, the teacher never made me say the pledge. (This was in like 1st grade.) I didn’t even learn it until around 5th grade.

Also: Just so you know, Steve is pretty much always a happy boy. o.0


Didn’t we just leave this party?

That’s what I was wondering!

I am happy now that students everywhere are protected from the Pledge of Allegiance.

It’s just a federal court in California. I don’t think it really pertains everywhere.

Also, I wonder why they don’t just declare the “under God” part unconstitutional.

Sounds good to me. At least now I understand most of the pledge anyway. :smiley:

Hence the lol

It separates us from the Godless Russians.

It’s things like this that are wrong with the country these days. I’m pretty sure that I can look past a little thing like having to say Under God to pledge to my country and have a little patriotism, and if people can’t, that’s pathetic. Trust 'ol “Commie Cali” to say otherwise.

in our national anthem we pledge allegiance to the spanish king. you should consider yourself lucky with just being under god…

It applies everywhere since it is a federal court. I think it was just a district court, but since it is federal, it applies across the nation. The decision just doesn’t have the same weight or impact as if it had come from the Supreme Court. Since the court is so low, it may have some problems getting enforced though. As for the “under God part,” it is probably because that was a central theme in the case, but other arguments pertaining to the whole pledge were probably brought up.

Also, if it only applied to California, the news (I’ve read and heard about it in several places) would not be as big and it would stress it being effective only in California. However, it is like I said, this is a federal court, so it applies to the nation. The court that made the decision isn’t one of California’s courts.

I feel safe in the classroom once more!

Godless no more:

Baku, September 15, Interfax - Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II said the visit by Russian President Vladimir Putin to Mount Athos, the Orthodox monastic center in Greece, was an important event.

“We are satisfied that the Russian president has paid his first visit to the spiritual center of Orthodoxy”, the patriarch told reporters in Baku, Orthodox Encyclopedia research center reported.

“As far as I know, Vladimir Putin is very satisfied with his visit to Athos,” the patriarch said. “Visiting religious holy sites is an important and unforgettable event for every believer,” Alexy said.

“One nation…”

And if you say, “One nation under the president”, this’ll polarize people even more. So they don’t do it for easily identifyable semantical reasons.

Well, that’s exactly the kind of faulty logic that creates these political potholes. Saying, or not saying “under God” has <i>absolutely nothing</i> to do with whether you’re patriotic or not, unless: 1) Being religious implies patriotism or 2) Not bothering to change the “little things” is somehow more patriotic than raising the issue, and both of these are clearly false.

Oh, but I agree, you simply do not understand that which I previously stated. What i’m saying is that people need to look past saying “Under God” and excersize patriotism by doing it anyway, or maybe saying something else. Sorry, maybe i’m willing to do a little more for patriotism than most, like saying a couple of words, or maybe just not saying anything on that part.

Bzz. Nope.

Karlton, ruling in Sacramento, said he would sign a restraining order preventing the recitation of the pledge at the Elk Grove Unified, Rio Linda and Elverta Joint Elementary school districts in Sacramento County, where the plaintiffs’ children attend.

The order would not extend beyond those districts unless it is affirmed by the 9th Circuit, in which case it could apply to nine western states, or the Supreme Court, which would apply to all states.

We should just pledge our lives to the current president. It would make things much easier.