Stepping into the Fire

Name: Evilpoptart
Race: Hum0n
Sex: Male


Str: 17 (I’ve seen Mortal Kombat and The Matrix alot so…)
Dex: 15
Intel: 0 (The only true wisdom is knowing you know nothing)
Lung Capacity: 8 (I smoke alot)
Cigarette Brand: Camel Wides
Beer: Labatt/Heineken
Drugs: I don’t do drugs, I just smoke pot

Fav book: Breakfast of Champions - Kurt Vonnegut
Fav quote: “Animal, mineral or vegetable?” - Clerks
Fav Movie: American Psycho (at the moment)
How I got here: I was rocking out some SNES roms and needed a walkthrough

Hello and welcome to our insanity. Don’t bother looking for exits, as they do not exist. eats the evilpoptart

Seems a little contradictory, but whatever. Welcome aboard.

Out of curiosity, though, what SNES ROM was it specifically that pushed you over to us?

Well I first found this place looking for a shopping list for River City Ransom for NES, however it was the straight to the point guide for 7th Saga for SNES that made me poke around more. I may make a shrine myself, I know HTML, I just need to decide what one to make.

That’s an exclusive club you’re in, the people who have the patience to play 7th Saga. I’m also in that club, and I assume that JasoX played through it at least once, back in the day. Though I don’t see him around here any more.

YES! I showed all you naysayers! The RCR shrine has done it’s job! AHAHAHHAHA!!!

Welcome, Evilpoptart. Congratulations, people here seem to hate introductory threads but your intro seems to have caught their fancy. Hope the Shrines are useful to you, and that you get to enjoy your membership. :cool:

Hello. :wave:

<|I do not speak any english|> <|Please listen.|> <|Me love you long time.|>

Welcome to the boards.

Welcome to <strike>your doom</strike> the forums!

Drugs are bad, mmkay?

I’m quite new myself, but welcome aboard.

Greetings. I, too, have played 7th saga, though I didn’t finish it.

Yeah, I’ve never understood why people here hate introductory threads. I always try to beat others to them so at least one person can be nice to newcomers.

Hi. Welcome. And stuff…

now you’ve done it, epic will never shut up >:(

Mr. Waving Smilie says ‘Smoking is prohibited!’

Like hell it is.

/me lights up.

btw, Turkish Gold Wides, or Light Wides?


Seriously though, I appreciate your concern about my lungs and all, but its 13 years of smoking, no use turning back now. Sides, lifes to short to not do what you enjoy, and at least I have a general idea on how I am going to die :stuck_out_tongue:

Now if I could only figure out the whole “women, money, success” thing.

Its easy. Simplify the equation first by using your sum and difference identities, thats where most people get messed up. You may not use your calculator for the first portion, however.

I like potatoes. :slight_smile: