How many of you have the application stepmania and <u>play it regularly</u>? Not DDR, not on a dance pad, just StepMania with a keyboard.

This is for something i might start, but i want to know how many people could participate.

I’ve got it; my brother plays it fairly often, and we make the occasional custom stage (we had a completed Picard Song stage until my hard drive was reformatted).

Is this freeware? If so, it might be something fun to tinker with.

Yeah, it’s freeware
I’m working on finding as many official DDR packs for it as I can.

Is Stepmania bad for your keyboard?

You dont step on the keyboard


or and reg and go to downloads

bemani nub >=(

Anyway, keep responding people =)

I’m in the process of getting it :slight_smile: